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Super Sunday: New Orleans Culture Encapsulated

On Super Sunday in New Orleans, the Mardi Gras Indians all gather to reveal their intricate suits and parade through the streets of New Orleans at this special cultural event.

The Mardi Gras Indians are something of an elusive phenomenon in New Orleans. If you’re lucky enough to catch them on Mardi Gras Day, Jazz Fest or any other time they make a public appearance, you’ll be witnessing generations of distinct New Orleans culture and history manifested. The one time they all gather in the same place is on Super Sunday to reveal their intricate suits with extravagant headdresses and parade through the streets of New Orleans. Super Sunday takes place every third Sunday in March from noon until dusk, starting at A.L. Davis Park in Central City.

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Video Transcript:

Super Sunday is the best time of the year in New Orleans, to capture one of
the most seminal moments. When it comes to culture that’s been living in
this city for a very long time: Mardi Gras Indians. Super Sunday is every
third Sunday in March. On that Sunday from around noon until it gets dark
at A.L. Davis Park, you can find hundreds of Mardi Gras Indians, singing,
dancing, and it’s the best opportunity to get a chance to see some of New
Orleans most deepest culture.

It’s like the art museum on foot. This is purely a New Orleans thing,
really something you want to see. The wonderful thing about Super Sunday is
that it’s free. You can just plant yourself inside the park or right on the
corner as the Indians come by and see them sing, see them dance, see all of
the beautiful colors that they have, as well as no doubt, you’ll see some
brass bands. You can’t miss this. It’s one of the most colorful, most
beautiful and interesting things that happen throughout the year in New
Orleans, which is a city that rocks 24/7 every day.