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When Chic Comes to the City: Diner en Blanc in New Orleans

Enjoy a night dining under the stars in amazing locations throughout New Orleans at the magically Diner en Blanc New Orleans dining series.

New Orleans is no stranger to world-famous. We hang out with world-famous in our backyards and on our Friday nights, on our way to work and in our daily meals. We’ve got world-famous food, world-famous musicians, world-famous traditions, and heck, even world-famous travel options (locals’ tip: it’s a streetcar, not a trolley). So it’s no surprise that when another world-famous event needed to choose what city to visit next, they happened upon the Big Easy – and realized it would be brilliant.

Diners in Europe enjoy a Diner en Blanc experience.

In two weeks, Diner en Blanc descends upon New Orleans for the largest organized outdoor meal this town has ever seen (and considering our proclivities toward festing, that’s saying something). Spawned from a 1988 Parisian get-together where a group of friends all wore white and had a picnic in a public space, Diner en Blanc will bring together 1,242 people to a secret undisclosed New Orleans location for a flash-mob-meets-meal-magic opportunity that’s been held in chic sites across the world ranging from Singapore to Spain.

How does it work? Interested diners register for Diner en Blanc to get on the waiting list. (Astounding as it is to believe, Diner en Blanc events have such a cult following that even with 1,242 spots) space is limited. If you’re selected to attend, you’ll pay a $35 registration fee, which covers transportation to the secret location, permits for the public space rental, and entertainment, which ranges from live music to fireworks, depending on location and local organizers’ choices.

Once you register, a group leader will contact you with more information about the rules and day-of event. All diners wear white and bring their own food, beverages, tables, chairs, etc. On the day of, diners will go to one of the pick-up locations in downtown New Orleans, Kenner, the West Bank, and New Orleans East, where they’ll be bused to the secret public location to wine and dine themselves under-the-stars into a meal that – despite all our world-famous food – they’ll never forget.