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Last Weekend in New Orleans: Crawfish, A Tribute to Jamie Galloway and French 75

Last weekend in New Orleans, we said goodbye to Jamie Galloway with a celebration of music and art, had local crawfish and beer and a French 75 at Antoine’s.

Can you believe it’s already Monday again? It feels like the weekend flew by, but you know what they say. As usual, our weekend was full of good food, music, drinks and events. Among other things, we enjoyed a few cocktails at Antoine’s, crawfish and some local beer and spent our Sunday celebrating the life of local musician Jamie Galloway. Check out the photos of what we did this weekend and share with us your weekend adventures on Facebook and Twitter!

What we ate: There are four very important and distinct seasons in New Orleans: Mardi Gras, Football, Snoball and Crawfish. These are so well known that Storyville even has a NOLA Seasons T-shirt. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but crawfish season may just take the cake. You can get crawfish typically starting around the end of Mardi Gras through Jazz Fest. You can enjoy crawfish at a number of different bars and seafood restaurants or pick up a sack and boil ’em yourself (which is what we did!) with tons of veggies. This weekend we enjoyed some delicious crawfish paired with a nice cold NOLA Brewing Brown Ale. Perfect combo in NOLA!

Photo by Andy Kutcher

What we did: In New Orleans, everything is a party, including a funeral. This past Sunday there was a day-long musical tribute to Juice founding member and harmonica player Jamie Galloway who recently passed. The celebration included live music from some of New Orleans’ top musicians as well as delicious food, raffles and more. It truly was a celebration of a great spirit in the New Orleans music world. Our favorite part of the party? NOLA artists Frenchy and John Bukaty painting to sounds of the music.

Photo by Sadie Nius

What we drank: You can find just about any libation in New Orleans. From classic cocktails to more modern concoctions, we have it all. While we certainly enjoy trying new things, one of our favorite go-to drinks is the French 75. This weekend, we enjoyed the classic drink at one of the oldest restaurants in NOLA – Antoine’s.

Photo by Sally Tunmer

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