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Cocktail Culture

The Big Chill: Top 5 Icy Cocktails for New Orleans Summer

Daiquiris and other frozen drinks are New Orleans’ version of air conditioning and here are the best places to get a frozen cocktail in New Orleans.

Summer in New Orleans is admittedly warm, and we’re always looking for ways to beat the heat. One favorite temperature-reducer is a snoball, but sometimes you need something with a little more kick. Never fear, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite icy cocktails to help you keep cool.

Daiquiris – New Orleans has long been known for daiquiri shops with long rows of whirring machines filled with colorful icy concoctions. What we’re really excited about are the newer, “artisan” daiquiris made with fresh ingredients. One of our favorites is the Pimm’s Cup Daiquiri served at Saint Lawrence. Pimm’s Cups are even more refreshing in frozen form! Another great daiquiri is the Bywater Bomber, available at Booty’s Street Food. The original version is made with Old New Orleans Rum, pineapple, orange juice, rosewater, lime, and bitters, but they also serve a Hemingway-inspired Shotgun and a guava-hibiscus Hula Hoop. The next time you’re craving a daiquiri, give one of these a try.

Pimm’s Cup Daiquiri from Saint Lawrence

Cobblers – Everything old is new again. Cobblers are a classic style of cocktail and were popular for 100 years. Perfect for New Orleans weather, cobblers are low-proof cocktails served over lots of crushed ice. The cobbler trend has been revived at Bellocq, with a menu full of choices. One of our favorites is the Lillet Blanc cobbler, but we suggest asking the bartenders for advice and exploring the menu on your own. For a cobbler that pairs well with food, we recommend the Lucky Cobbler at Lucky Rooster. It’s made with fino sherry and pineapple Thai basil shrub and is a perfect match for their Asian fusion cuisine.

Lillet Cobbler at Bellocq

Bramble – A Bramble is the perfect summer drink, made with gin, lemon, crème de cassis, and blackberries, served over a mountain of crushed ice. You can find a Bramble at most classic cocktail bars but our favorite version is at the newly opened Kingfish, topped with big beautiful blackberries.

Bramble from Kingfish

Snow Globe – The cocktail’s answer to the snoball, the Snow Globe can be found at Booty’s Street Food. Served in a big glass with a straw and a spoon, this cocktail is made with vodka, strawberry, lime, hibiscus, orange flower, and allspice. This drink is perfect for summer but you’ll want to drink it all year ‘round.

Snow Globe at Booty’s Street Food

Frozen Irish Coffee – Everything you love about Irish coffee, in frozen form.  While this cocktail is closer to a boozy milkshake, it is quite delicious and perfect for brunch, an afternoon pick-me-up, late night, or anytime! You can find Frozen Irish Coffee at Erin Rose Bar, Molly’s at the Market, or 13 Monaghan.

Frozen Irish Coffee at Molly’s at the Market

All photos by Susan Whelan.