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American Sector: A Delicious Step Back in Time

The American Sector by Chef John Besh from on Vimeo.

American Sector
945 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70130-3813

(504) 528-1940

Video Transcript 

Fleurty Girl: The American Sector is a nostalgic-themed restaurant by John
Besh located inside the World War II Museum. While the name might sound a
little military, it is actually named because of this area in New Orleans
is known as the American Sector.

American Sector Speaker: John Besh figured we would do the food of that
time but put a little bit of a John Besh twist to it, more a Creole-type,
New Orleans-type flair to it. As you can see, this is very happening right
now and we are in the middle of deep Summertime right, which is usually the
dead time for most New Orleans restaurants and tourism but as you can see,
we are thriving over here. It is geared more toward the family-style meals,
just good home comfort food that the whole family can enjoy.

Fleurty Girl: The American Sector is a great place to come for lunch or
dinner. They are open seven days a week and they also have a great Happy
Hour with $0.75 sliders and half price drinks, cheers to that. Well I’m
Fleurty Girl and that wraps up another edition of GoNola TV and we’ll see
you next time darling.