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Taceaux Loceaux: Leauxcation, Leauxcation, Leauxcation

In our house, “where do you want to eat dinner tonight?” is a frequent question and the answer is rarely the same. More recently, “where exactly is dinner going to be tonight?” has been the question on the tip of our tongues. With Taceaux Loceaux’s penchant for moving around the city, the answer to that question changes often.

The Taceaux Loceaux Express

Long popular in other major metropolitan areas, the mobile restaurant scene is relatively new here in New Orleans. Possibly the brightest shining star from this relatively new genre is Taceaux Loceaux. The Taceaux Loceaux truck, piloted by husband and wife team Maribeth and Alex del Castillo, zips around town offering up some of the best tacos in city.

Order Up!

Don’t be fooled by Taceaux Loceaux’s short menu, which only boasts eight choices, as the offerings are diverse and unique. For non-carnivores, there are also veggie/vegan-friendly items. Each order comes with two over-stuffed tacos, occasionally causing the delicate flour tortillas to tear under the weight of the freshest meats and veggies. After many delicious test runs, Cupcake and I have found that splitting three orders (six total tacos) between us is perfect for dinner time. Even if it does make us a little full, we highly endorse this method as an easy way to make it through the Taceaux Loceaux menu. Ringing up at about $20, this leaves plenty of change for beer from whichever bar the truck is bellied up to.

Messin' with Texas and Carnital Knowledge

Cupcake’s current favorite is the Seoul Man, a spicy taco featuring bulgogi chicken, shredded cabbage, cilantro, pickled red onions and sriracha aioli. My favorite changes with each visit, the latest being Messin’ with Texas, which features brisket, shredded cabbage, radish , cilantro, crema and salsa picante. Be fair warned that because Taceau Loceaux relies on fresh ingredients, you may find that not all items are available on every visit.

Trying to track Taceaux Loceaux down? While the truck is often found outside Uptown bars (particularly the Kingpin or Dos Jefes), simply showing up would be so 2000’s. A quick check of the Twitter feed and you’re all set. The up-to-the-minute updates will let you know the truck’s itinerary for the evening and if there are any changes to the menu.

So remember, when trying to figure out what to do about dinner tonight the question is now “where exactly is dinner going to be tonight?” And the answer is just a tweet away.

Taceaux Loceaux
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