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An Ode to Lakeview with Chef Susan Spicer

In this episode of GoNOLA Radio, our hosts talk to New Orleans chef Susan Spicer about the beautiful Lakeview neighborhood, home of her restaurant Mondo.

On this week’s edition of GoNOLA Radio, our faithful hosts Lorin Gaudin, George Ingmire and Mikko continue their deep exploration of New Orleans restaurants, food, music, history and culture. Our topic this week is the New Orleans neighborhood Lakeview. A change in pace from traditionally tourist-popular areas like the French Quarter, Lakeview is a whole other resource for New Orleans fun. Compared to the rest of New Orleans’ centuries-old roots, Lakeview is relatively new, having been built up gradually in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. But the real boom in culture has happened over the last several years, post-Katrina.

As you might imagine, Lakeview is located right at the edge of the city along Lake Pontchartrain, which is a daily playground for sailing, swimming, fishing, and more. It also hugs City Park, which is home to great outdoor activities and New Orleans restaurants, as well as the New Orleans Museum of Modern Art. The area has a quaint and quiet suburban feel, while retaining that famous New Orleans charm. Harrison Avenue is a great place to dine or shop with several restaurants and boutiques that have really flourished, including one special restaurant in particular that we explore in this week’s podcast episode.

Our special guest saw the potential of Lakeview and seized the opportunity to tap in to that renaissance. Beloved James Beard Award-winning New Orleans chef and restaurateur Susan Spicer opened up her acclaimed restaurant Mondo in Lakeview after great success with her French Quarter restaurant Bayona. At the time, there were a few classic restaurants in Lakeview, but nothing with the gourmet flare of the French Quarter that simultaneously embraced the neighborhood vibe of the area. Mondo brings both, in addition to a stellar and reasonably-priced wine and cocktail list. Our hosts chat with New Orleans native Spicer about her inspirations for opening Mondo, as well as the unique menu, which she describes as “flavors of the world with a New Orleans accent.” She talks about Mondo’s signature dishes like the Thai Shrimp and Pork Meatballs, as well as what she and her family love about Lakeview.

Join our hosts and Chef Spicer on this episode of GoNOLA Radio and delve deeper into the nooks and crannies of this city to discover all the best that New Orleans has to offer.

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