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GoNOLA’s Ultimate New Orleans Dining Guide

In celebration of We Live To Eat’s Restaurant Week in New Orleans, use our Ultimate New Orleans Dining Guide for the best in New Orleans flavor.

It’s no wonder New Orleans is considered the hottest food city in America. We not only pride ourselves on preserving the traditional classics, but reinventing them, while also experimenting with modern techniques and flavors. To celebrate the illustrious New Orleans dining scene, the We Live to Eat Restaurant Week will present two course lunches and three course dinners from New Orleans’ finest restaurants at prices that will make you feel like you’re getting away with something. In the spirit of We Live to Eat‘s mission statement, we’ve included a comprehensive guide to our favorite food destinations, because in New Orleans, food is so much more than fuel. Check out the New Orleans Restaurant Week participants, and dig in to GoNOLA’s Ultimate New Orleans Dining Guide to find whatever your taste buds are craving – no matter what they’re in the mood for.

Photo by Cheryl Gerber


Often times appetizers are some of the most creative and enticing dishes on the menu, especially if that menu is in New Orleans. Check out our favorite appetizers that are the perfect tease to an amazing New Orleans dining experience.


New Orleans restaurants know how to finish just as strong as they start, which is why their desserts are not to be missed. Find out some of our favorite ways to end a meal in New Orleans.


They say it’s the most important meal of the day and we can see why. From eggs benedict to shrimp and grits, you just can’t beat a New Orleans breakfast, especially when accompanied by bottomless brunch drinks.


Bakeries cater to the inner child in all of us with homemade treats like eclairs, croissants, chocolates, cakes, pies, gourmet sandwiches and fresh baked bread. New Orleans bakeries are so good that you might forget that you’re an adult on the way to work in a pantsuit for just a minute – or hopefully several.


The official way to cool down in New Orleans, snoballs come in endless flavor combinations. Cream or fruit flavors, stuffed or unstuffed, condensed milk or plain – the only way to find your favorite is to try them all!

Budget Fine Dining

Who says you can’t live large by spending small? Not with our guide to upscale meals at casual prices. Find out the best places to eat like a king without having to be one.

Vegan and Vegetarian

Vegetarian food may not be the first association to come to mind with New Orleans dining. On the contrary, there are an abundance of quality options for vegans and vegetarians.


Sometimes in New Orleans, you just want to go with the old standbys like gumbo, jambalaya and red beans and rice, because after all, we do it best. Here are some of the best places to get classic New Orleans dishes.


While New Orleans may be the land of muffalettas and po-boys, that’s not all we can do with sliced bread. Check out some of our favorite gourmet sandwiches in New Orleans.

Al Fresco

When the weather is nice in New Orleans, you’ll want to take advantage of it as much as possible, especially because people watching in New Orleans is better than anywhere else. Here are our top five favorite spots with al fresco dining.

Banh Mi

New Orleans has a vibrant Vietnamese culture, and with that comes delicious, authentic food like the “Vietnamese po-boy” – banh mi.


Over the past few years, there has been a pizza renaissance in New Orleans, especially with restaurants making old world, thin crust pizza from a wood burning oven. Check out some of our favorites.


Given its port status and proximity to water, New Orleans brings in a lot of Caribbean influence which can be tasted at restaurants throughout New Orleans.

Late Night

Chances are, a night out in New Orleans isn’t going to get you home by curfew, so midnight snacking is usually called for. New Orleans has you covered with plenty of late night dining options.


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