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How to Officially Let Go of 2016, New Orleans Style

Our gay guide to letting go of 2016 and ringing in 2017!

couple toasting hotel rooftop patio
Couple toasting to the end of 2016. (photo: Paul Broussard)

I’m not going to sugar coat things. For me, 2016 sucked more than a Dyson and cost more than one, too. Yet I’m determined to not let the baggage of 2016 stop me from fully embracing the beauty of starting fresh in a city that’s been helping people let go for almost 300 years – New Orleans. So I’ve devised the perfect gay guide to letting go of 2016 so you can officially ring in a new start for 2017.

A couple outside of 700 Club in the French Quarter. (photo: Paul Broussard)

Let go of That Awful Boyfriend:

Look on the bright side – you’re single now.  Let’s start practicing that come-hither face, because there’s gonna be a lot of hithering happening in 2017. Besides, there’s no better place to meet incredibly hot, gay men than in New Orleans.

Go Here: 

  1. Go to Good Friends to meet fun, laid back locals.
  2. For a more guy-next-door, rugged, hunk of a man, check out the 700 Club. 
Great shirt, bag and shoe options at Vegas on Magazine Street. (photo: Paul Broussard)

Let go of Those Jeans That You Will Never Fit Into Again:

Okay, so you will never fit into those pants again. This is not the end. This is the beginning. The beginning of a shopping spree! And here in New Orleans, we have some of the best shopping around.

Go Here: 

  1. Vegas on Magazine Street has some fun threads for a cool fella with a dapper spin.
  2. Friend, on Carondelet Street, has a relaxed vibe with a comfortable swagger. In fact, you could hit both stores in the same hour if you were so inclined.
  3. Billy Reid is style personified. And the best part, it’s a store that carries stuff for both men and women. It’s classic like Grace Kelly and perfectly put-together like Rock Hudson.
Commission painting by Rebecca Rebouche. (photo courtesy)

Let go of The Dali Posters From College:

It’s time to let them go. You’re a grown-up now for goodness’ sake. It’s time to grace your walls with real artwork. Plus, real artwork can become is not only an investment piece, it also makes for a much better souvenir than a feather boa.

Go Here: 

  1. Rebecca Rebouche‘s work is whimsical and poetic. She is most renowned for her family tree paintings, which she does on special commission.
  2. If you’re looking for something a little more abstract, something that pulls you in and lets you find the story within, check out work from up and coming New Orleans’ artist, Cory Cart.
  3. For an investment piece, check out the Arthur Roger Gallery. The pieces really will really grab you.
Yoga class in the gorgeous ballroom of the New Orleans Athletic Club. (photo courtesy)

Let go of Being An Absolute Couch Potato:

I love my Netflix just as much as the next human being, but come on – how many snacks can you eat in one sitting? Behold, 2017 is a new year! And just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you can’t get your workout on.

Go Here: 

  1. Located off North Rampart, the New Orleans Athletic Club boasts fencing, pilates, an indoor pool, boxing, a track, strength training area as well as cardio areas, too. Local hotel guests can get in on a day-pass.
  2. Franco’s is cool a gym located on Magazine Street. It’s even rumored Ryan Reynolds worked out here while shooting one of his films.
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