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Selfie Scavenger Hunt: Romancing the Holidays One Selfie at a Time

Decipher ten fun clues that will take you on a tour of the French Quarter and help you create a fun gift!

Christmas New Orleans Style is like no other. The St. Louis Cathedral is even more magical during the holidays.
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Break out the dancing Santa. Pull the lights down from the attic. It’s holiday time in New Orleans. And although we don’t get snow, we do get extremely serious about the holidays. In fact, if you’re in town after Thanksgiving, drive up and down St. Charles Avenue at night. You’ll see what I mean. It’s insane. And I love it.

The holidays in New Orleans are beyond anything imaginable. All of them. Chanukkah. Christmas. Kwanza. Thanksgiving. Even Milad un-Nabi. And in my humble opinion, nowhere are the holidays more magical and romantic than the French Quarter, regardless of what you celebrate or with whom.

Yet for some romantically challenged souls, the holidays can feel overwhelming and daunting. For others, completely predictable and unromantic. Well, enough of that dribble drabble. This is New Orleans, one of the most romantic cities in America. So consider this an early holiday gift from me to you.

If your partner is a hopeless romantic like me, this is the perfect gift. A gift that will surprise the ever-loving eggnog out of them: A romantic Selfie Scavenger Hunt through the French Quarter.

It’s two gifts in one. The gift of your time. And a selfie photo book. (Tip: Keep the reason behind the selfies a surprise so the book will be one, too.)

The Object of the Scavenger Hunt

Decipher ten fun clues that will take you on a tour of the French Quarter in under three hours. (If you want to go slower, be my guest. But scavenger hunts with a time limit are always more fun.) At each spot, snap a selfie with you and your love. Then, upload the photos to create a cool flip book of your day together, or frame the best of the bunch and make a photo collage for your wall. Trust me, they will fa la la la love it.

The iconic New Orleans streetcar on Canal Street is a good way to get your scavenger hunt on the right track.


  1. Let’s start our scavenger hunt on the most “royal” street in the Quarter. This delicious gay-owned cafe was named after Amelie Miltonberger, the mother of Princess Alice of Monaco, who grew up in New Orleans. So grab a bite and snap a selfie in one of the most romantic courtyards in the French Quarter.
  2. Spells of lust and so much more, be careful what you’re looking for. This place was named after Marie Laveau, a voodoo priestess known for conjuring more than just the ancestors.
  3. Float across the street to one of the greatest 24-hour parades in New Orleans.
  4. Then take your “Good Friend” to a place where everyone is welcome.
  5. Next, you’ll head to another street named after the color red. Look for the number 700, and be prepared to shake what your mama gave you.
  6. Grab your best mate and pocket your gold. This pirate’s haven is only for the bold. Be forewarned, you’ll think you’re tipsy when you arrive. The building looks like it’s slanting to one side.
  7. If you’re looking for another reason to throw your arms around your love, take them to a place where unspeakable things happened above. This mansion is forever haunted with the poor souls that died within. So if you’re thinking of going inside, think again (it is a private home, but grab a selfie out front).
  8. Head to the market where everyone goes to buy trinkets and tchotchkes. Snap selfies with every rainbow item you find — the wackier the better.
  9. This cathedral wasn’t named after Louis Armstrong, but if you listen closely you can hear the sweet sounds of a trumpet echoing through the square.
  10. Who says it doesn’t snow in New Orleans? Next stop: the only place in New Orleans where it really feels like a winter wonderland. (Minus the cold, that is.)
  11. Lagniappe: Head to the renowned restaurant, Table (Hint: translate this to French) and smooch under the larger than life mistletoe. Take a pic and use the restaurant’s hashtag for a chance to win a $100 gift card. Contest ends on December 30th.

(Key: Cafe Amelie, Marie Laveau House of Voodoo, Bourbon Pub & Parade, Good Friends Bar, 700 Club, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, LaLaurie Mansion, French Market, St. Louis Cathedral, Fulton Street, Tableau (contest hashtag #tableaumistletoe)

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