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Call and Response: Food & Wine and GoNOLA Gush on New Orleans

GoNOLA responds to Kate Krader’s Insider Guide to New Orleans in Food & Wine after her trip visiting restaurants and neighborhoods in New Orleans.

New Orleans greatness speaks for itself – but it’s always nice when someone else speaks for it. In a recent Food & Wine article, Kate Krader rehashes her culinary romp through New Orleans – and what a spread it was. She managed to hit an impressive selection of destinations during her time in the Crescent City. Among her do-not-miss list that any visitor would envy – or local for that matter – are Bayona, Bellocq and Maurepas Foods. Below are some highlights from Kate’s trip to New Orleans, with a little feedback from us locals.

Wendell Pierce

Kate was given the distinct pleasure of having Wendell Pierce, Treme actor and New Orleans humanitarian hero, take her on a personal tour of establishments featured in the HBO show, like Bellocq and Restaurant R’evolution. She was also able to meet up with local journalist Lolis Eric Elie who treated her to a visit to Bayona and Domenica.

Luckily with the GO NOLA App, anyone can take an authentic tour of the real Treme neighborhood anytime they want led by none other than Wendell Pierce himself. Listen as Wendell’s smooth voice leads you from one iconic landmark to the next in Treme, including New Orleans African American Museum, St. Augustine Church, Creole architecture on the Henriette Delille block, Backstreet Cultural Museum, Armstrong Park entrance, Congo Square, Mahalia Jackson Theater, Basin Street/Storyville and St. Louis Cemetery #1. We’d venture to say it’s the most culture one can see in an hour.

Donald Link

The exquisite Buckboard Bacon Melt from Butcher (Photo by Susan Whelan)

Kate crowned Chef Donald Link, the owner of New Orleans restaurants Butcher, Herbsaint, Cochon and Peche, the Pork King, and we’d have to agree. He’s brought his Cajun Country culinary roots to New Orleans, exposing the city to its wondrous delicacies. Donald told Kate about his two pig-breeding collaborations with a Mississippi farm and Alabama barbecue chain Jim ‘N Nick’s, which not only are raising healthy and happy pigs, but elevating the quality of his product.

We’re huge fans of all of Donald Link’s restaurants. Kate fawned over the lamb neck at Herbsaint, her favorite dish of the trip. We have some favorites, too, from each of Chef Link’s restaurants. Check them out:

Herbsaint – Housemade spaghetti with guanciale and fried-poached farm egg

Cochon – Lunch: Oyster and Bacon sandwich

Dinner: Louisiana Cochon with turnips, cabbage, pickled peaches and cracklins

Butcher – Buckboard Bacon Melt with collards on white bread

Peche – Seafood salad with fresh tuna, avocado, shrimp, and house made crackers.


Oh, the Bywater. This little gem is much more than a neighborhood. It’s an alternate universe where the Wild West, 1940s Paris and turn of the century railroad culture are met with modern, cutting edge trends and talent.

Chef Matt Hayashi (left) and Matt Woodall (right) inside the Dim Sum and Then Some kitchen

Kate went over all the newest treasures to hit the Bywater that fit well with the bohemian beatnik-style culture and aesthetic. She experienced the changing-with-the-seasons specialty fare and inspired cocktails at Maurepas Foods, and pizza from the underground, grassroots Pizza Delicious.

These are two of our favorite, hip new additions to the Bywater. But what really makes Bywater the Bywater is its grit and experimental nature. Three family-owned neighborhood bars exemplify the Bywater’s charming gruffness and traditional values – Bud Rip’s, Markey’s and BJ’s. In addition to these old dogs are some new tricks in the neighborhood, including pop ups like Dim Sum and Then Some on Sundays at The Joint – another Bywater establishment we’re over the moon for.

Preservation Hall

One of the last points Kate makes is the joy of experiencing the Preservation Hall in the French Quarter, where traditional New Orleans jazz survives and thrives. All we have to say about that is we totally know how you feel, Kate.

GoNOLA’s New Orleans Do-Not-Miss List

Kate covered some major players in her Black Book of New Orleans must-visit spots. Here are some of our additions to add to your next New Orleans itinerary.

Treme walking tour guided by Wendell Pierce on the GO NOLA App

Spaghetti at Herbsaint

Oyster bacon sandwich and Louisiana Cochon entrée at Cochon

Buckboard bacon melt at Butcher

Seafood salad at Peche

Bud Rip’s



Dim Sum and Then Some