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Dr. Bob: A New Orleans Folk Artist

In this episode of GoNOLA TV, we take a trip to New Orleans artist Dr. Bob’s studio to get a behind the scenes look at how he creates his unique folk art.

With New Orleans artist Dr. Bob, what you see is what you get. Just like his emblematic folk art, he is honest and expressive, with no frills or affectations. His art studio in the Bywater is just about as whimsical and cheeky as Dr. Bob himself, with bright colors and a sign proclaiming it’s the “biggest tourist trap in the Bywater” and at the same time that there’s a “con artist inside.”

In the true folk art spirit, Dr. Bob finds the extra in the ordinary, creating his signature pieces with everyday, discarded materials like building scraps and bottle caps. Dr. Bob explains the method behind his madness, transitioning from free-hand design to taming the wild beast within with restraints to create more precise pieces. Whatever his approach, the result is always unforgettable. His hand-painted “Be Nice or Leave Signs” have become the welcome insignia of New Orleans and his colorful representations of New Orleans and Louisiana culture including swamp creatures, musicians and Creole food are staples in New Orleans businesses and homes.

Dr. Bob’s one of a kind New Orleans art pieces can be purchased online and tours of his studio can be made by appointment by calling 504-945-2225. Just don’t come with any expectations – you never know what could happen. As Dr. Bob puts it, he’s going to “keep doing what I do,” and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Get to know Dr. Bob and his art a little better in this episode of GoNOLA TV!

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