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Gingerbread Houses New Orleans Style: An Edible Oak Alley Plantation

Decorating gingerbread houses is a classic Christmas tradition and The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans stepped it up with a gingerbread plantation.

New Orleans is glowing with holiday spirit and there are beautiful decorations all throughout the city. From intricate light displays to elaborately decorated Christmas trees, I don’t mean to brag, but we look good. One of the time-honored holiday traditions that generations of families and friends have enjoyed is decorating gingerbread houses with festive sweets, care, and love. This year, the Roosevelt Hotel continued their tradition of having holiday gingerbread houses on display, but they are nothing like the ones you made as a kid; these are no amateur displays. Their gingerbread houses are grand and incredibly detailed. For our Instagram Pick this week, we loved @mauxfo’s photo of the Roosevelt Hotel’s gingerbread house version of Oak Alley Plantation on display in Teddy’s Café. With candy cane columns and little gingerbread Saints fans, this inspired, two-story gingerbread house didn’t leave anything out – not even the candy shutters and an edible lane of oak trees; the gingerbread plantation even boasts its own tiny holiday decorations made of sweets adorning the front of the home!

Holidays in New Orleans are always a little sweeter, and with our unique traditions and creative displays like this plantation gingerbread scene, there are always holiday surprises around every corner this time of year. If things like this don’t put you in the holiday spirit, I don’t know what could. Thanks to @mauxfo for posting this sweet photo on Instagram. Here’s to sharing plenty of holiday cheer – in person and online!