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Last Weekend in New Orleans: Cochon Butcher, Brass Bands and Craft Cocktails

Last weekend in New Orleans, we enjoyed a BLT from Cochon Butcher, a craft cocktail from the Dash and Pony pop-up and a wedding brass band in Jackson Square.

You know the old saying, “time flies when you’re having fun?” Well, in New Orleans, you’re always having fun and as expected, this weekend flew by! As usual, this weekend was packed with music, festivals and events. Among other things, this weekend we enjoyed some great food at Cochon Butcher, sipped craft cocktails from Dash and Pony, and caught a brass band playing in Jackson Square. Check out the photos of what we did this weekend and share with us your weekend adventures on Facebook and Twitter!

What we ate: BLT from Cochon Butcher. This is not your typical BLT — it’s made with a generous portion of Butcher bacon, tomato and arugula on toasted white bread served with house-made pickles and house-made potato chips. Can you say delicious? In addition to the BLT, we had the pancetta mac-n-cheese. We highly recommend both.

Photo by Andy Kutcher

What we saw: In New Orleans, music is a part of everything, especially weddings. This weekend we were lucky enough to catch a brass band just as they were starting a second line procession after a wedding in St. Louis Cathedral.

Photo by Sally Tunmer

What we drank: This weekend we enjoyed craft cocktails from Dash and Pony, a monthly cocktail pop-up at various locations. One of our favorites was the Promises, Promises made with bourbon, crème de peche, celery shrub, bitters, mint and salt. Delicious.

Photo by Hartley Casbon

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