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Last Weekend in New Orleans: Gracious Bakery, Serendipity and Flame Throwers

Last weekend in New Orleans we drank Peach Brandy Cobblers at Serendipity, ate pastries at Gracious Bakery and saw flame throwers on Frenchmen Street!

Last weekend in New Orleans was an adventure for our eyes and our taste buds. We checked out some new places worth getting excited about in New Orleans and saw Frenchmen Street performers, who always prove to be a pleasant surprise to stumble upon. Take a look at what we ate, drank and saw last weekend and if you have any photographic evidence of your own worth sharing, please do so on our Facebook page!

What we drank: We headed over to the American Can building in Mid-City to check out Serendipity, the anticipated collaboration between Chef Chris Debarr, formerly of Green Goddess, Ed Diaz of Bar Tonique and Bug Brockway. We tried some libations and small plates, but the star of the show that night was the Peach Brandy Cobbler. It was delicious and with a dimly lit, atmospheric dining room, our first experience at the new restaurant was, well, serendipitous.

Photo by Susan Whelan

What we ate: We went to another gem in Mid-City this week called Gracious Bakery on S. Jefferson Davis Pkwy in the Woodward building. The space is clean, light, airy with a modern inflection and their pastries are as beautiful as they are delicious. The food is made by Chef Megan Roen Forman, who has years of experience in New York as well as at Bayona and Sucre in New Orleans and it shows. We tried a brioche roll with spicy ham, fontina and pesto that was extraordinary.

Photo by Susan Whelan

What we saw: You can always count on Frenchmen Street to find some unexpected, out there and best of all – free – entertainment, like the flame throwers and dancers we saw last weekend. We caught them across from Melange, beside Apple Barrel in a vacant lot popular with street performers. Their baton twirling was impressive, especially considering the ends were on fire!

Photo by Sally Tunmer

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