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Louisiana Children’s Museum: Play, Learn and Explore

At the Louisiana Children’s Museum in downtown New Orleans, kids can have fun and play while learning at the many interactive exhibits, including the new Talk and Play Center.

The Louisiana Children’s Museum is much more than meets the eye. Sure, it’s a big, magical playground full of obstacle courses, arts and crafts and wonderment, but it manages to educate kids and entertain adults at the same time – even if neither will admit it. The LCM has many great exhibits including a life-size bubble builder, the Simple Machines station to experiment with pulleys and levers and the Little Port of New Orleans, an interactive replica where you can discover what ships are found here! The most exciting new addition is the Talk and Play Center built as a physical recreation of The Cajun Little Red Riding Hood, designed by renowned cardboard artist Jacques Duffourc. The exhibit invites visitors to walk through the pages of the story where they can perform their own play, make music or hear a story.

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Video Transcript

The Louisiana Children’s Museum is 30,000 square feet, just chock full of
fun stuff for the kids and the whole family. In fact, it’s one of the top
rated children’s museums in the entire country. We’re so lucky to have it
right here, in downtown New Orleans. Here at the museum, we offer a world
of discovery where children and parents can play and learn together. We
provide fun environments based on our five initiatives: arts and culture,
literacy, natural environment, STEM and health and well-being, but the kids
learn and they don’t even realize it. The Little Winn-Dixie grocery exhibit
is a great place for parent and kids to shop together. They can learn
anything from colors to numbers, to being a cashier and stocking the
shelves. Growing up here, in New Orleans, this was my favorite to come and
play. I’ve never forgotten the fun stuff we got to do here. If you take
your children here on your visit to New Orleans, you’ll create memories
that will last, with them, a lifetime.

I’m Fleurty Girl, and that wraps up another edition of GoNOLA TV, and we’ll
see you next time, darling.