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New Orleans Around the Web | Week of November 7

This week’s New Orleans Around the Web includes UFO sighting results, food blogs and how Wendell Pierce is turning a ravaged neighborhood green.

It’s that time again: the week in review through New Orleans online coverage. In this week’s New Orleans Around the Web, more food bloggers continue to discover New Orleans through its cultural foundation: food, a suffered neighborhood rebuilds with a completely green state of mind and the travel writer everyone’s had their eye on for the past month has unveiled his best of New Orleans choices. Here’s your weekly reading material from GoNOLA to stay in the know:

Another great attraction to check off the list from @yongcho822 with caption "visit a New Orleans rum distillery: done"

Travel bloggers discover the delicious carnivore destination, Butcher, whose owner, Donald Link, will be one of the amazing chefs sending out plates of Cajun sausage tonight at Boudin and Beer.

You can rest assured that the UFOs hovering in the camera’s view during NBC coverage of the Oct. 23 Saints v. Colts game have now been identified.

An authentic New Orleans restaurant opens in Raleigh as an homage to the chef and owner’s hometown.

Beautiful shot of French Quarter architecture by @julsmarie: "New Orleans you're so pretty! And you're people are so nice!" We think so, too!

A New Orleans librarian rebuilding a collection lost after Hurricane Katrina is one example of proof that librarians are still vital in the Internet age.

Two of New Orleans’ major athletic races are merging for one back-to-back main event in April.

This article on the trend of sophisticated sweets in New Orleans from a food blog outlines the best in boutique pastry as well as a couple suggestions for where to find a beautifully blended drink.

Always a beautiful sight: Cafe du Monde beignets by @lgracesutton

Native New Orleanian Wendell Pierce is not only the star of HBO’s Treme, but also the president of the Pontchartrain Park Community Development Corporation, working to rebuild the neighborhood devastated by Hurricane Katrina from the ground up with “super green” houses and renewable energy.

Like many others, we’ve followed National Geographic’s Intelligent Traveler Andrew Evan’s trip to New Orleans the past few weeks, and with his reluctant departure he released this Best of New Orleans list.

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