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New Orleans Around the Web | Week of October 10

This week’s roundup of New Orleans Around the Web found articles about New Orleans as a top cyclist city, young entrepreneur’s city and wine & food city.

In between thumbing through the Sunday Times and the funny pages this weekend, peruse these online articles, Tweets and pictures we’ve compiled from the past week for your reading pleasure. We weren’t fishing for it, but we did find that New Orleans has been at the top of a lot of polls and lists lately. Not to brag, but just thought you should know.

Who knew New Orleans was a thriving city for young entrepreneurs? Well, we did, but now it’s official! Readers picked from a list of the best nominated cities for young entrepreneurs in an Under30CEO poll. New Orleans, not even a nominated city, won the most votes from users manually entering it in the “Other” section. Here is an Under30CEO writer’s response to the results.

Last week, we announced that New Orleans was voted the top U.S. Wine and Food Destination in Trip Advisor’s Travelers’ Choice Awards. The Chicago Tribune wanted to really drive it home. Thanks, Chicago, we think you’re pretty swell, too.

Great shot of a classic New Orleans scene by @stacyking88 with caption: “Photo by Darren. Girl by me. Street car by the city of New Orleans.”

Who says New Orleans is all about gluttony and indulgence? Well, it’s true – we sure do know how to live down here, but the urban planning site, Planetizen, shares this Associated Press article on how New Orleans is becoming one of the most bike-friendly cities, right up there with Seattle and Portland!

Ellen Degeneres is coming home to New Orleans to make it right in the Lower Ninth Ward with pal and part-time NOLA resident, Brad Pitt.

Impress Harry Shearer with your writing skills and enter to win a trip to New Orleans by tomorrow, October 15 with Mr. Burns himself as your personal tour guide!

Speaking of Harry Shearer, here’s what he Tweeted just yesterday: @theharryshearer:  Autumn in New Orleans: beautiful days, tropical breezes, nights from some fantasy of clear, sultry darkness. Wow.

This just in: New Orleans is the destination for Best Gay Halloween, says GLBT travel site, Purple Roofs.

Why an Indiana law professor uprooted her family to come to New Orleans for a position at Loyola Law.