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The Top 5 Places to Sing Karaoke in New Orleans

GoNOLA highlights the Top Five Places to Sing Karaoke in New Orleans; Sing your heart out in the French Quarter, Uptown and the Irish Channel areas of New Orleans.

One of my GoNola New Year’s Resolutions  was to perform a Prince song at all of New Orleans karaoke spots for tips to fund my quest to buy accessories at every boutique in New Orleans. In efforts to get me motivated and encourage everyone to get their karaoke on and find their inner rockstar, I’ve picked out my favorites for the Top Five Places to Sing Karaoke in New Orleans!

1. Kajun Pub:

This  is my favorite karaoke spot! Their collection is beyond ridiculous. Anything you think of they probably have it for you to perform. You may even find the song from Pee Wee Herman so you can perform his infamous dance — hopefully the crowd doesn’t stare too hard. The most important fact about their music collection is that Kajun has an impressive listing of Prince songs. Every favorite I could think of was available on their list! In my world, this is a major accomplishment.  Kajun is a great neighborhood pub with over 50,000 songs, where you can party with the locals and feel at home. You can get your karaoke on every night at 9pm! It doesn’t hurt that there is an impressive list of alcohol to make your favorite cocktails, too!  2256 Saint Claude Avenue New Orleans, LA 70117

Your chance to be a superstar! (Photo Credit: The Cat's Meow)

2. Cat’s Meow:

If you’re in the French Quarter area, you can’t skip the Cat’s Meow. It has a very nice stage that will surely make you feel like the superstar you are…at least for that moment. Check out their list in advance and begin practicing your choreography in your garage. After your big performance, you can walk right out and party it up on Bourbon Street. Have a pen handy, someone may ask for your autograph.  701 Bourbon St New Orleans, LA 70116-3104

3. Shamrock:

On Sunday nights, Shamrock lets you perform with your very own live band, well, yours for a few minutes. What makes this place so great is while your waiting to perform through your many sets, you can play all types of cool bar games such as pool, ping pong, darts, skee ball and more. I can’t think of anything better than Bar Sports and Karaoke, it just may be the perfect workout regime.  You really can’t get any better than that, but if you need a little more the fish and chips will make you a happy person.  4133 S Carrollton Ave New Orleans, LA 70119

4. The Saint Bar and Lounge:

You can’t deny the greatness of The Saint Bar; where you can sing your heart out as you sip on a tiki drink. Once you drop the mic and wait for your slow clap, you can go in back and play some arcade games. This is the perfect hide away if you want to keep your karaoke talents a secret.  961 Saint Mary St New Orleans, LA 70130-5023

5. Little Tokyo:

Have a thing for Japanese food? Well you need to make a visit to Little Tokyo. You can get a private karaoke room and get your  karaoke on as you grub on some Causeway Rolls. The wonderful dishes here will help you get your singing strength up to do a few sets and entertain all your guests.  1340 South Carrollton Avenue, New Orleans LA 70118

I hope this list has you as pumped as I am and has you ready to sing, eat, play sports, and just be a superstar. You will find me at one of these spots warming up for my Prince performance, with “I am Woman.”