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Last Weekend in New Orleans: Superfood Bar, Dick & Jenny’s and Galactic

Last weekend in New Orleans, we enjoyed a Superfood Bar smoothie, fried green tomatoes with shrimp remoulade and a Galactic concert!

What a weekend! As usual, we spent our weekend exploring our great city one bite and one drink at a time. With so many great restaurants and happenin’ events, it’s hard to pick just a few photos to share. But, here’s a little recap of how we spent our past weekend in New Orleans. Did we miss something awesome that you did? Share your last weekend in New Orleans with us on our Facebook page!

What we drank: The Superfood Bar on Magazine Street is one of our favorite health food spots in the city. This weekend we enjoyed a Banilla Cream Smoothie made with: bananas, raw vanilla, coconut milk, lecithin and VME. The smoothie is also topped with Earth granola. It’s delicious and healthy so you can feel good about eating it!

Photo by Sally Tunmer

What we ate: Fried Green Tomatoes and Shrimp Remoulade are two New Orleans classics and this weekend we enjoyed a delicious pairing of the two at Dick and Jenny’s. The tomatoes were perfectly fried and the remoulade sauce was spicy goodness. Mmm Mmm!

Photo by Andy Kutcher

What we saw: This weekend we did and saw a lot of things (like the unfortunate Saints loss) but one of our favorites was catching the local jam band (and one of our personal favorites) Galactic at Tipitina’s. They played into the wee hours of the morning with other local artists like Corey Glover and MyNameIsJohnMichael. Below is the Galactic drummer, Stanton Moore, getting ready for the show!

Photo by Sadie Nius

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