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New Orleans Wine and Food Experience: Royal Street Stroll

The Royal Street Stroll is the signature event at the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience, hosting gourmet cuisine from local restaurants and exceptional wine.

Calling all wine enthusiasts, foodies, art aficionados, and music lovers! Starting this Wednesday and continuing through the weekend, the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience celebrates the finer things New Orleans has to offer with the 21st anniversary of this epicurean event that is now considered one of the top wine events in the country. This festival will be held May 22 – 25 and includes wine dinners hosted by over 30 local restaurants, several choice tasting events, a seminar series covering current wine and food trends, gourmet cooking competitions, and NOWFE’s signature event, the Royal Street Stroll on Thursday night. This evening is a chance to explore the boutiques and art galleries of Royal Street in the historic French Quarter, and take a taste of exceptional wines and gourmet bites along the way. Several local restaurants like Antoine’s, G.W. Fins, Kingfish, and The Pelican Club will be supplying the cuisine, as well as local favorite food trucks like Frencheeze and Foodie Call. All of this set to intoxicating jazz music would be enough to make a beautiful New Orleans evening, but to top you off, Krewe of Cork, whose motto is “We celebrate Wine! Food! Fun!” will be parading through in true Big Easy fashion.

Get a glimpse of the wining and dining you can expect this week in our GoNOLA TV video on the Royal Street Stroll at New Orleans Wine & Food Experience!

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Video Transcript:

Happy Johnson: In a place where food is such an important part of the
culture, what better place to hold the annual Food and Wine Experience than
right here in New Orleans? Let’s take a stroll down Royal Street to see
what it’s all about.

Tonight everybody comes out and they walk down beautiful Royal Street at
the Royal Street Stroll where there are antique galleries. They sample over
1,000 wines from the best wineries in the world, and they sample some of
the best food from New Orleans chefs, and all the profits from this event
are pumped back into our local charities.

Mary Beth Romig: You get a glass and you walk up and down Royal Street
seven blocks and just enjoy Royal Street. It’s really meant for everybody
and 2,000 people come down to Royal Street and enjoy the French Quarter.
It’s about all the things that make New Orleans culture shine.

Happy Johnson: If you love to eat and drink, then the Food and Wine
Experience is one place you definitely want to be. I’m Happy Johnson as
always, you’re at home in New Orleans.

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