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The New Orleans Sno Ball: Old Fashioned A/C

Summer brings so many wonderful things, especially here in New Orleans. Down here, we don’t hide from the heat, we embrace it, and we’ve got a ton of ways to keep it cool. You can always rely on the time–tested cool-off from an ice-cold cocktail, but our Instagram pick of the week honors one of New Orleans’ greatest summer assets: the sno ball.

If you’ve had a snow cone and not a sno ball, you may think they are similar, but really, sno balls are in a category all their own. These sweet treats are made from the fluffiest, finest shaved ice, and that fine shave is what sets them apart. Everyone likes their sno ball a little differently. They come in almost any flavor you can think up, and you can combine flavors, and even try it stuffed with ice cream. The possibilities are nearly endless.

The beauty of enjoying a nice, cold sno ball is not only that it cools you off, but the experience as a whole has a unique charm that’s hard to describe. Sitting with friends in the heat eating a sno ball feels like a throwback to another time. It’s almost impossible not to smile, laugh, and feel like a kid again when you’re scooping that sweet shaved ice onto your tongue. Sno balls are almost always enjoyed outdoors and the world seems to slow down and fall into place as you take the time to savor this old-fashioned summer delight.

Thanks to @bbboucvalt on Instagram for capturing the essence of the New Orleans sno ball experience in this great photo, at one of the best places to get a sno ball in town: Hansen’s Sno Bliz.

The magic of the sno ball experience at Hansen’s Sno Bliz. Photo courtesy of @bboucvalt on Instagram.