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New Orleans Spots All Dressed up for Mardi Gras

New Orleans’ eye-catching, colorful architecture looks especially alluring cast in the gorgeous light of early spring. And because this is a festive city that looks for any excuse to dress up, locals apply that same spirit to decorating their homes and businesses all year-round. We’re starting to see Carnival decorations all across New Orleans’ neighborhoods. Here are some of our favorite decorated spots.

Magnificent Mardi Gras Decorations

Gallier Hall 

So, Gallier Hall isn’t a house, but it nicely reflects the city’s penchant for Greek Revival architecture. And during Mardi Gras, when the city sets up grandstands for parade-watchers, Gallier Hall couldn’t help but meet the purple, green, and gold standard. Note the themed fence, and check out the multi-colored steps behind the streetcar. Well played, Gallier Hall. Well played.

French Quarter Creole Cottage

Find this beauty near the corner of Royal and Philip streets in the French Quarter. Plenty of glitz and kitsch create a funky facade full of local flavor.

French Quarter Shotgun

Cheerful and charming, this traditional New Orleans shotgun sits at the corners of St. Ann and Burgundy streets. The yellow exterior is a sunny backdrop for some seriously glam decorations.

Hotel Modern

With a coveted spot on Lee Circle, the Hotel Modern dons its very best for Mardi Gras. Note the multicolored flood lights that wash the building in seasonal color — plus the St. Charles Avenue streetcar below.


A delightfully decadent bar in the French Quarter with Mardi Gras decorations to match. Find out what to order with our LGBT bar crawl.

All photos by Paul Broussard.