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The Designing Men of Magazine Street

You’ve all heard of the “designing women” that populate the interior design world, but there are also the designing men on Magazine Street in New Orleans.

Magazine Street has fast become the interior design mecca in New Orleans. Editors and bloggers regularly feature the shops that range from fabulous antiques to cutting edge home decor. Local and out-of-town designers and decorators love to shop on Magazine Street.

You’ve all heard of the “designing women” that populate the interior design world, but there are also the designing men. Magazine Street is blessed with five of them, and you can stop in the shops they inhabit, to at the very least gain inspiration.

In this day of the internet, all of these designing men take on long distance projects outside of New Orleans, and they are easily able to ship anything they sell from their uber-stylish shops.

Starting the furthest uptown, at 5515 Magazine Street , is the home accessories store Hazelnut owned by Tom Cianfichi and Bryan Batt . This shop has any and everything you need to add just the perfect finishing touch to your home, with much of it able to be tucked into your luggage. Open Monday – Saturday, 10-6.

Bryan and Tom own Hazelnut at 5515 Magazine Street.

Walk down further and  you  will come to Shaun Smith Home at 3947 Magazine . Shaun Smith is the gorgeous new boy on the block, and his shop is the perfect cutting edge combination of “mantiques” and contemporary. Any man, and the woman who loves him, would die to have a Shaun Smith designed room. Open Tuesday – Saturday, 11-6.

Shaun Smith is the newest designing man on Magazine Street.

At 3650 Magazine stands a cheery yellow house that is the design business of Chet Pourciau. Chet is a local television personality with a regular home style show on Fox 9. He also has a cable TV show called Chet Chat. Chet says,”Chet Pourciau Design was born from the belief that  your home should make you happy.” Stop in and say hello to Chet, and pick up something pretty for your home.

TV star Chet Pourciau has an interior design shop at 3650 Magazine Street.

The last, but certainly not least, designing man is Jack Mayberry, who manages the fabulous home furnishings store perch at 2844 Magazine Street . Jack heads up the fabric department, and has been designing the ubiquitous New Orleans drapery for Uptown ladies for over 25 years. He is also an artist, and provides custom paintings for the prettiest home in New Orleans. Stop by and let Jack design your drapes. Internet consultation and shipping make this possible if you are visiting New Orleans. Open Tuesday – Saturday, 10 -6.

Find Jack Mayberry at perch.

All of the designing men hold court in historical houses on Magazine Street. Each one is styled so you can get a feeling of what it would be like to live in high New Orleans style. For a fun afternoon in New Orleans, spend some time with these talented guys.

Until next time, I remain the Visual Vamp, and Magazine Street is my beat.

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Valorie Hart is an interior decorator, stylist, and event designer. She lives in the Irish Channel just off Magazine Street where she loves to walk and shop.She relocated to New Orleans from New York in the year 2000, and is affectionately known as a New New. She writes the popular blog Visual Vamp.

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