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Eight Ways To Detox After Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Eight fun ways to detox and get back in shape after Mardi Gras in New Orleans including dancing, yoga, meditation and exercise.

You’ve boogied your brains out from Basin Street Street to Bienville, caught 100 pounds of beads, glugged a gallon of hurricanes, and now? Lent. Detox. It’s time to get back on track, y’all. Even the locals bow their heads after Carnival season. Here are eight ways that you can squeeze out the Mardi Gras impurities and start fresh in the Big Easy!

You'll never guess what this is: a gorgeous workout room in the New Orleans Athletic Club. (Photo courtesy of

 1. Go to Bikram Yoga. Classes last 90 minutes and involve a series of 26 beginning postures in a 100+ degree room. Afterwards, you will have sweated out every Bloody Mary of your entire life.

2. Run a half marathon. The Rock ‘n Roll Marathon, once called the Mardi Gras Marathon, is on Sunday, March 4, 2012 and also includes a half marathon. Imagine soaking in miles of beautiful New Orleans while sweating out every last bite of Mardi Gras po-boys. You can register on the Web site.

3. Cleanse your diet. At times it’s difficult to stay pure in the Big Easy, so set up a one-on-one life cleanse consulting session with Lela Cloud to get a personalized action plan to eat, live and experience a healthier life.

4. Get a Massage. Try the Bailey Institute of Muscular Therapy – they focus specifically on sports massage, perfect for reducing aching Mardi Gras limbs.

5. Go to the Gym. My favorite? The New Orleans Athletic Club. This 100+ year old gym has yoga glasses in ballrooms and a swimming pool that’s modeled after the Roman baths. Best part? There’s a bar with smoothies AND cocktails, perfecting for detoxing (and retoxing).

6. Meditate. No cleanse is complete without a mental detox. Journey over to the Healing Center on St. Claude Avenue and spend a few hours meditating in the Interfaith Center on the roof.

7. Go Paddleboarding. Imagine a sailboat meeting a surfboard, and you have a standup paddleboard. You can rent one of these and explore Bayou St. John while soaking in the Crescent City sun.

8. Take a swing class. The Nola Jitterbugs hold classes three nights a week. Best of all? You’ll be ready for Jazz Fest in April!

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