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Big Breezy Pedaling: The New Orleans Pedicab

The New Orleans pedicab is a fun and convenient new way to get around the French Quarter while enjoying the sights and catching a breeze.

Anyone who’s been to the French Quarter in the past several months has surely noticed a newcomer to the transportation racket: the pedicab. The pedicab is a unique way to get around New Orleans – more bare bones than the taxi cab and updated from the horse-drawn carriage, the pedicab is a different creature. Since the Vieux Carre is already both bike and pedestrian friendly, it makes sense that bicycles have been introduced as a public transportation service. New Orleans pedicabs not only provide a convenient way to get from place to place, but their open design makes for optimum breeze access, people watching and sightseeing. So next time you need a lift, flag down a pedicab for a scenic ride to your next destination.

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Video Transcript

Fleurty Girl: In New Orleans, there are lots of things to see and do and now
there’s a new way you can get there by the Pedicab.

Rob: So where would you like to go?

Fleurty Girl: To my shop. Fleurty Girl on St. Peter.

Rob: All right. Let’s go.

Fleurty Girl: So what are the ways that you can catch a Pedicab?

Rob: We’re primarily available two ways. You can catch us just by flagging
us down when you see us on the side of the road. Alternatively, you can
give us a call on our dispatch line. We should be able to get to you
within a few minutes.

Fleurty Girl: Awesome. Do you all do any special events?

Rob: We’re absolutely available for special events. You’ll frequently see
us in parades, in second lines, and we’re doing a lot of weddings these

Fleurty Girl: Awesome. I just love it. So, tell me about the rates. How
does that work?

Rob: The rates are set by the city. They’re approximately $1 per block per
person. I would have to say that our average ride is usually $6 to $9 per
per block

Fleurty Girl: That’s not bad. And it’s a great way to see the French
Quarter, too. So do you all do any tours?

Rob: We provide scenic rides. We’ll take people around the French Quarter
in the outlying areas and show them a good time.

Fleurty Girl: Rob, thank you. This was so much fun and definitely something
for you to keep in mind when you visit New Orleans, use a Pedicab to get
around. They’re environmentally friendly, too. Well, it’s time to wrap up
this edition of GoNOLATV and we’ll see you next time, darling.

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