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Biking in New Orleans: Don’t sweat it

Riley Skirt from Fossil

I ride my bike to work almost every day. Sure I could easily take my car and crank the a/c but taking two wheels has many benefits. It’s gentler on our environment, it’s a great workout and parking is never an issue. Not to mention the added bonus of soaking up all the great New Orleans architecture along the way.  However when the temperature and humidity start to rise muggy times are less of a threat, more of a promise. If your commute involves two wheels you are in for some major perspiration but don’t give up hope! With some careful planning you can make it to your destination in style vs. sweat.

  • A change of clothes is the easiest way to ensure your shirt is stink free. An old travelling trick is rolling your garments instead of folding to decrease wrinkles.
  • Stashing a stick of deodorant in your bag never hurt anyone.
  • I can’t stress  lightweight clothing enough! Natural fibers are your friends and don’t bother with anything but cotton and linen until we’re on the right side of September. If the fiber content tag says rayon or polyester store that sucker away!

    Rain Gear from Orvis
  • Ladies you CAN ride in a skirt or dress – make sure it is loose fitting and around knee length to ensure you don’t pull a Britney Spears.  Or was it Lindsey Lohan? or both? The Riley skirt from Fossil offers free range of movement and comfort.
  • Rain gear is essential if you don’t want to get soaked and way easier than juggling an umbrella while steering. This ultralight men’s rain jacket from Orvis is long enough to provide extra coverage.
  • Panniers (side bags) literally take the weight off your shoulders.  I have removable bags that I use when I don’t want to carry my Timbuk 2 messenger. The great thing is that if you are wearing dress pants you can just put your handbag or briefcase in the pannier bags instead of having to sport ballistic nylon with your work clothes.  REI has a good selection to choose from.
Stylish Sidebags Panniers

For more bike appropriate suggestions go here and make sure y’all check out REI’s excellent guide on how to bike your drive.

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