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5 iPhone Apps To Help You Tour New Orleans

French Quarter Finder

New Orleans has so much to see, taste, and experience that you can sometimes get overwhelmed.  You may need to slow things down and do some Do-It-Yourself touring on your own.  Using your iPhone, we’ll explore some apps that will allow you to tour New Orleans at your own pace.

City Guide New Orleans Guidepal (Free):  This app gives you quick facts about New Orleans, highlights must see attractions, and has local recommendations on things you should check out.  There is even a favorites area to tag something you want to visit later.

French Quarter Finder (Free):  What’s great about this app is that it gives up information on current events, news, and hotspots going on in the city.  At any given time you can look at the times and places that something is taking place.

Guide Map New Orleans ($.99):  Built by Discovery Maps Channel, this app uses a combination of map pinpoints to show you several famous New Orleans landmarks worth visiting.  The attractions area also gives you detailed information about local museums, zoos, parks, schools, special attractions and even how to get around.

New Orleans’ Best Bars ($1.99):  If you’re into the nightlife, you’ll love the best bars app.  At your fingertips, you’ll have information to all the well known (and not so well known) bars and pubs around the city.

Garden District App

Garden District Historic Mobile Tour ($4.99):  This app provides you with a relaxing tour around the historic garden district of New Orleans.  You can use a Google Map-style layout to pinpoint the landmarks you want to visit and listen to audio podcasts about the history of the place.

Bonus Tip: If you want to find even more great apps to tour the city just type “New Orleans” in the search bar of the iPhone App Store and you’ll get plenty of local apps.