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F and F Candle Shop: The Light of New Orleans

F and F Candle Shop in New Orleans has everything from religious candles to a full range of spiritual supplies for your every voodoo need.

F and F Candles New Orleans
Light these candles if you need a job, or someone to do as you say. Candles at F and F address all your needs.

Are you dying to know how to get the job you’ve been dreaming of? Or how to make your crush fall madly in love with you? Or how to guarantee a win at the track?

Well F and F Candle Shop on Broad Street near Orleans Avenue has a candle, statue, aerosol spray, or incense to solve any problem life may throw your way.

There’s nothing I love more than exploring my home in New Orleans, so on the way to the Fair Grounds Race Course to see some horse races last week, I stopped by. Not only was I greeted at the door by several rows of religious statues that will look regal in any front yard, I was surrounded from floor to ceiling by every color and style of candle available. And for a stacker such as myself — let’s just say I would organize the ice cubes in my freezer if I had the time — the stacks were almost enough satisfaction that the content didn’t matter.

Candles are stacked from floor to ceiling at F and F Candle Shop in New Orleans!

But the content! Oh, the content. There are candles to help you get a job, candles to help with your court case, or to keep the law away. There are candles for a break-up– to cause one for someone else, I guess– although given as a gift to your significant other, this might cause your own break-up. Probably the most useful and all encompassing is the Do What I Say candle. If you just want one, this should cover your bases. I have already burned the Job candle for my brother.  Two weeks later he was dressed just like the man on the candle (minus goatee), going on his first interview since getting his Ph.D. It’s the candle. I know it.

There are also baths. Jinx removing baths, success baths, love baths, peaceful home baths. I’m guessing you just add a cup full, or maybe have a little washing ceremony with your bottle full of special powers. And don’t forget the aerosol sprays. If you need help at the race track or the slot machines, shake well, and spray the Gambling Spray towards the middle of the room (but not on any chid or animal, as instructed on the can). If you need money to use to go gambling, use the Indian Spirit’s Money House Blessing.

Behind the counter, bottles of goodies at F and F Candle Shop!

On top of all this, behind the counter is an array of goodies I can’t even begin to detail. Let’s just say if you’re looking for a white hair plucked from the second-born fawn of a blessed doe from the North Shore, they’ll have 3. This place is voodoo heaven, if such a thing exists, with enough items to have an overflowing gris gris bag.

Fair warning. This is not to be taken lightly. Enjoy and respect the shop and it’s offerings. Ask the gentleman working the counter if you have any questions. He’s full of good information. I overhead a consult he was having with a woman of the world, and I want him on my side.

Look for the F and F awning on Broad Street.

If you’ve been to F and F Candle Shop, what did you get? If you haven’t, find your way!

F and F Candle Shop
801 N. Broad Street
New Orleans, LA 70119-4208
(504) 482-5400 ‎

Open 8 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., Monday – Saturday. Closed Wednesday.