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Making Mardi Gras: A Glimpse at Carnival Season

See some of the many facets that go into “making Mardi Gras” with our video series.

A float during the Hermes parade. (Photo: Cheryl Gerber)

Mardi Gras encompasses a whole lot more than just parades — though certainly parades are a large part of the Carnival Season. See some of the many facets that go into “making Mardi Gras” with our video series below.

Videos: Making Mardi Gras

The music

As with so much in New Orleans, music is a key component of Mardi Gras. And perhaps no band is more beloved at Carnival time than the St. Augustine Marching 100.

The floats

Integral to any parade worth its salt are the fantastical floats, many of which are created at Kern Studios.

The dance moves

Marching troupes abound at Mardi Gras, and a fan favorite is the all-male dance troupe, the 610 Stompers.

The cultural traditions

Mardi Gras Indians work tirelessly to create beautiful, hand-beaded suits that they wear on Mardi Gras Day.

The sweet ride

Krewe of Iris lets us ride along to see what it’s like when you’re actually on a float during a parade.

The incredible costumes

LGBT krewes dazzle us year in and year out with there imaginative, painstakingly crafted costumes.

All together now

See how the puzzle pieces join together to create the “greatest free show on earth.”