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I Came Back for a Second Serving

I first went to New Orleans in 1997, and it wasn’t really to see the city.  Me and a bunch of pals piled in a car to drive from Columbus, Ohio to watch the Buckeyes in the Sugar Bowl (they got crushed).  

In the four days before the game, we saw New Orleans through Bourbon Street tinted glasses, limiting our view to the bottom of every hand grenade we could handle (and a few beyond that).  Go-cups in New Orleans were a revelation.  We didn’t (and still don’t) have those in Ohio.

I had a memorable trip, but it was one very different from the trip I took last month, nearly 20 years later.  Although I’m known for drawing on coffee cups, I’m doing go-cups this time.  How could I not?

I’ve complied five highlights of my most recent visit to New Orleans (it wasn’t easy to narrow it down to five.) This time, I had a southern adventure, filled with incredible music, amazing art, great food, and quite possibly the warmest group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. And here they are.

#OneTimeInNOLA I watched The Young Fellaz Brass Band light up the night on Frenchmen St. [read the full story on Instagram]

#OneTimeInNOLA I noticed hand-painted signs everywhere—in bars, restaurants, and gift shops, and, by total chance, I stumbled upon the artist who created them and hung out with him for a while. [read the full story on Instagram]

#OneTimeInNOLA I sat at the most incredible bar. Like, ever. [read the full story on Instagram]

#OneTimeInNOLA I sat on a cushion on the floor and watched the most perfectly authentic jazz performance of my life. [read the full story on Instagram]

#OneTimeInNOLA I ate a soft pillow of fried dough that had nearly an inch of powdered sugar on it.  And then I ate another one. [read the full story on Instagram]

In four days, I experienced so much more than what I captured on these cups. But this set highlights one aspect, one ingredient in the gumbo that is now my New Orleans.

So, all that’s left is for you to cook up a batch of your very own #OneTimeInNOLA moments.

Josh Hara is a highly distracted, over-caffeinated social media savant from Columbus, Ohio. Known best for his humorous tweets and comic-covered coffee cups, he lives every day like it's his first: curled up in the fetal position, waiting to fed and crying for no reason.

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