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A Host of Characters Showed Me The Way

The people in this city make it different.

I heard that going in, but after years of living in New York, little surprises me. As a self-taught photographer, I constantly look to tell new stories through my lens.

And as I found during my recent trip to New Orleans, the faces of its inhabitants tell three hundred years of them.

Small stories. Big stories. Stories of lovers and friends.

Stories both human and not.

I suppose it’s what happens when you live in a place so soaked in spirit, enthusiasm, and adventure.

On one corner, a magician performs tricks under moonlight.

On another, Ms. Janice makes sure you don’t go to bed hungry (or wake up hungry the next day for that matter).

A few short miles away, alligators pose for pictures and chase marshmallows from the back of airboats.

Everything here is a beautiful contradiction. I felt entranced by the colors of New Orleans. Simple things like doors and walls are made more interesting – even when none of them should work together. It’s vibrant and unique.

All providing an evocative backdrop for a portrait series.

Below are a few snapshots from my trip to New Orleans. To see more photos, visit my Instagram page, @13thWitness.

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Timothy McGurr, known professionally as 13thWitness, has established a world-renowned reputation for bringing the world into dynamic focus. A true journeyman at heart, he’s traveled the world over several times, creating photos and videos for heavy hitters like Beyoncé, Drake, Kanye West, the NY Knicks, Cypress Hill, John Mayer, New Era, SONOS, Nike, Converse, and Jordan Brand. With the perfect blend of talent, hustle, and grit, 13thWitness reminds us to open our eyes and embrace our surroundings at all times.

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