A Poet’s Keystrokes Echoed the Spirit of New Orleans

Words exist beyond the page for the New Orleans-based artist Cubs the Poet. 
He lives in a world that is rich with meaning. Where stories aren’t just told – they grow. And in New Orleans, they thrive. 
At a young age, Cubs realized that his environment shaped the way he thought, valued, and experienced the world. So he set out to find his own ideas and craft his own voice. And he found them both in New Orleans’ French Quarter.
Cubs felt right at home among the historic district’s sidewalk artists, roaming brass bands, and busking street performers. And the sincerity he saw in the community around him was a catalyst for his creative process.
When Cubs first set up his typewriter on Royal Street, he was looking for inspiration. But he found something much more precious: a creative collaboration. 
“When people walked by on Royal Street, I would listen to them talk. Just listen to the words. And I would take those words and type up a poem, tying them all together.”
The more words that went by, the more he typed. And soon those people noticed, stopped, and talked to him. He wrote on-the-spot poems for passersby, inviting them to be a part of his poetry. To share the creative experience. 
It’s a collaboration that feels natural in New Orleans. Because seeing the city is just the beginning. 
For an authentic experience, Cubs encourages people to take the next step. To say hello, smile, and start a conversation. To meet New Orleans – that’s where the city really shines.  
The city that Cubs calls home is more than the spot on a map. It means so much that it defies definition. 
It allows creative spirits like Cubs to discover his own meaning. To find their own voice and follow their own path. To find beauty everywhere. 
For Cubs, only one word can express the creativity, the inspiration, and the vibrant culture that makes New Orleans so special: Soul. It’s the frame that brings the whole city in focus.
See more of the city’s beautiful soul and find more of Cubs’ visionary work on his Instagram page. View the city through the lens of all our featured local artists. Hear their stories, share their experiences. 
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About the Author:

Ian Donnelly is a textbook example of a Mardi Gras tripper turned born-again New Orleanian. He came for a weeklong visit and found the magic that songs and stories always promised. A copywriter at FSC Interactive by day, he prefers to spend his nights in costume, on a whim, and in hot pursuit of his own New Orleans story.