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The Streets Told a Story, and an Artist Listened

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To create the bright, whimsical artwork that makes WalkingMan Studios a beloved NOLA business, illustrator and painter Maggie Covert LeBlanc turns to her hometown of New Orleans for inspiration. The kaleidoscope of color she finds in the city’s neighborhoods, streets, and storefronts is an endless creative resource – one that celebrates life across the whole spectrum.

A NOLA home on Ursulines Avenue, illustrated by Maggie Covert LeBlanc
A NOLA home on First Street, illustrated by Maggie Covert LeBlanc

Take a closer look at any WalkingMan Studios illustration and you’re likely to spot its namesake – the walking man.


Ever since she thought up the character, Maggie LeBlanc has welcomed him into her colorful, creative scenes. And the walking man has developed a life of his own, serving as a confident reminder to keep your chin up, stay the course, and believe in yourself.

From her custom home portraits to personalized illustrations and paintings, Maggie looks for joy in each new canvas. It’s an instinct that’s rooted in New Orleans – the city she was born and raised in, and the vibrant culture that she loves to call home.
A NOLA home on Esplanade Avenue, illustrated by Maggie Covert LeBlanc

As a NOLA native and owner of WalkingMan Studios, Maggie is passionate about the creative growth of New Orleans.


She loves to see NOLA’s independent spirit in her favorite local shops, galleries, and artist collectives. It’s one of the many things that gives New Orleans its authentic character. And it’s meant to be shared, cherished, and celebrated as a uniquely NOLA treasure.

From French Quarter streets to Uptown avenues. On wrought-iron balconies, streetcar window seats, and cozy Creole porches. In shotgun homes, Spanish courtyards, and grand French windows. 300 years of history is waiting around every corner in New Orleans – giving the city a style all its own.
Photo by Zach Brien
The magic of New Orleans is more than any one moment, place, or story. It’s a rich, colorful blend – it’s a shared love of the city that lives in its historic streets, its vibrant culture, and its smiling faces. And its visible in each brushstroke that Maggie LeBlanc adds to her eye-catching illustrations.
Photo by Zach Brien
Photo by Zach Brien

The story doesn’t stop here – find more of Maggie’s vibrant artwork featured on the @Walkingmanstudios Instagram page. Discover the NOLA scenes she illustrates and explore the local spots she loves to support. View the city through the lens of all our featured local artists. Hear their stories, share their experiences.


Follow your inspiration and find your own #OneTimeInNOLA story.

About the Author:

Ian Donnelly is a textbook example of a Mardi Gras tripper turned born-again New Orleanian. He came for a weeklong visit and found the magic that songs and stories always promised. A copywriter at FSC Interactive by day, he prefers to spend his nights in costume, on a whim, and in hot pursuit of his own New Orleans story.