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Cocktail Culture

Cure in New Orleans, one of Esquire’s Best Bars in America!

Cure on Freret Street (Photo: Zack Smith)

In honor of the fact that Cure NOLA just made Esquire’s Best Bar’s in America 2011, we’ve decided to bring back our previous post on this incredible bar. It’s one of our favorites and one visit will show you why!

I’m sure that this will come as a surprise to absolutely no one, but I love a good drink.  So glad I don’t live in a dry city.  Of course, good drinks with great friends on the weekend are a given; however, there’s nothing like good drinks with great friends on a random Wednesday night.  For these impromptu happy hours, the one place in New Orleans I must recommend is Cure NOLA.  Once you walk into the bar, you’ll know why.

Not only is the layout perfect for you and fifteen of your closest friends, but the lighting is dim enough to entertain that date; but not too dim if that date so happens to be a blind one…that’s not going so well.  The leather couches that line the walls are beyond comfortable, and the seating at the bar provides a great view for witnessing bartender magic.

Once you’re settled in, I suggest that you take a moment just to consider the drink menu, because if you’re like me, then you’ll rush to order a Grey Goose and cranberry juice and miss what Cure is really known for.  So before you order that Jack and Coke, maybe a “Union Jack Rose” made with apple brandy and home-made pomegranate reduction or a “Mario Puzo” made with 100 proof single malt scotch would interest you?  Feeling particularly adventurous?  Try a “Cease and Desist” or a “Trouble and Desire”.  Or if drinks with fancy names really are not your thing, don’t worry; the good folks at Cure can pretty much make anything.

No matter your drink of choice, rest assured that you will get a mini-lesson as you watch the bartenders at Cure create your drink.  I say “create” because that is what they do.  Medicine droppers and tea strainers are just some of the tools used by Cure’s drink masters in order to serve you something that you won’t forget.  You want a mojito—the mint is muddled into oblivion and the lime is strained, not squeezed, into your glass.  It’s that serious and that good.

I have heard people say that unless your drink is made with its natural ingredients, then you’re really not drinking that drink.  Know this, whatever you decide to order, once you’re at Cure with your friends celebrating Happy Tuesday, you will be drinking that drink in its natural form and loving every sip of it.

4905 Freret St.

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