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Food Year’s Resolutions: 8 Things We Want to Try in New Orleans in 2015

As 2015 approaches, you might be devising a list of resolutions to buckle down after the decadent holidays: join a gym, cut back on the carbs, finally give CrossFit a try, go on a juice cleanse. We’re definitely in that mindset, too, especially since the impending Carnival season threatens to have us indulging again. But sometimes you have to come up with some fun resolutions — ones that you’ll actually do. And because it’s New Orleans, we’re thinking about food. Here’s a list of the new, delicious and/or innovative culinary offerings in New Orleans we want to make a point to try this year. And yes, they may not be “healthy,” but everything in moderation.

Toups’ Meatery (Photo: Rebecca Todd)

1. Meauxbar’s bone marrow luge 

The bone marrow “luge” — downing booze through marrow bones — is the culinary trend du jour, and there are a few places offering it in town, including Toups Meatery and Meauxbar. At Meauxbar — a place that’s on many locals’ list of places to check out ever since chef Kristen Essig took the helm — the marrow is served with escargot which is washed down with a shot of Herbsaint (pictured above).

2. District Hand Pie and Coffee Bar’s coffee “cocktails”

Coffee “caviar”? Coffee with butter in it? Espresso combined with citrus? You could hang out at this tiny corner shop, the second outpost from District: Donuts.Sliders.Brew that specializes in sweet and savory hand pies, and try all the country’s craft coffee trends in one highly caffeinated afternoon. We’re planning on it.

3. Some new — and sort of new — restaurants

New restaurants are popping up in New Orleans faster than we can count, but there are a few notable ones we can start with. These places on our list of five much-anticipated restaurant openings — including the revitalized Brennan’s restaurant and Red’s Chinese on St. Claude Avenue, both open now — are still on our radar.

Brown Butter Mac and Cheese (Photo: Paul Broussard)

4. The city’s best mac and cheese

Who else wants to hit up all these places serving the city’s best mac and cheese?

5. Childhood treats with a twist

We love nostalgia, so we definitely want to try these New Orleans’ restaurants twists on childhood favorites, especially Johnny Sanchez’ fine-dining take on the ice cream truck classic Choco Taco. Speaking of the modern Mexican restaurant, we also want to try …

6. Johnny Sanchez’ grasshopper guacamole 

For $2, you can the Oaxacan-style chapulines, or spicy grasshoppers, on your guacamole. It’s extra protein, right?

7. Restaurant R’evolution’s Death by Gumbo 

At chefs John Folse and Rick Tramonto’s epic eatery, boneless quail is stuffed with rice, oysters and sauces and served in a gumbo broth for the frequently documented dish. Cut open the quail and all the gumbo components come together. Sounds like the best day to die.

8. Communal tiki cocktails at Latitude 29

We want to grab a pal or date and get an “Aquadesiac,” a communal cocktail for two served in a clamshell. There are other fun tiki cocktails for sharing (or not) at tiki expert Jeff “Beachbum” Berry’s newest restaurant in the French Quarter.

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