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Boucherie: The Purple Truck Grows Up

In 2006, a K&B-purple truck could be spotted around town for late night feedings. The Que Crawl, as it was called, could often be seen outside Tipitina’s serving up boudin balls, duck gumbo and pulled pork in Vietnamese-style French loaves as well as other tasty, but unexpected, late night foods. After a few years of working the late shift, Chef Nathanial Zimet and business partner James Denio parked the purple truck and took Zimet’s ideas to a cozy little cottage in the Carrollton area of Uptown New Orleans. And with that, Boucherie, New Orleans Magazines’ Best New Restaurant of 2009, was born.

Boucherie’s menu has been described as contemporary Southern, but we think a more apt description is “delicious.” Boucherie’s dinner menu eschews the traditional and individualistic menu classifications of appetizer and entree for the more flexible and communal small plates and large plates. The lunch menu features a good selection of the small and large plates from the dinner menu, but adds a heaping selection of sandwiches, many of which can trace their history directly to The Que Crawl. With so many delicious choices on the menu, sharing a few bites will help you taste it all. Of course, this isn’t to say you’ve got to share everything you order, we sure haven’t. In fact, you’ll probably want to keep every dish for yourself, even those you didn’t order!

While Boucherie’s menu changes regularly to take full advantage of chef Zimet’s creativity and to utilize the freshest ingredients, we have our favorites that seem to always be around. The boudin balls from the purple truck and unique grilled heart of romaine salad are musts for the table, even if it’s just the two of us. For the large plates, you really have to listen to your stomach (or your server) and go with what strikes your fancy. If you’re feeling meaty, we’ve got a hard time passing up the pulled pork cake, a mountain of tender pulled pork formed into a tightly packed cake, or the wagyu beef brisket, a tower of brisket sticks square off with delicious garlicky parmesan fries . But if you pushed us for our one tip for Boucherie, it would be to do your best to save room for dessert. Chef Zimet has saved some of his greatest success for the final course, like the bacon brownie and the world famous Krispy Kreme bread pudding.

Fortunately, all the care that Chef Zimet and James Denio have put in the kitchen, has also been given to the bar. Boucherie will be able to mix up your old standby, but their specialty drinks have proven as satisfying as my favorite dishes. If you’d prefer to pair your meal with some wine, the wine list has been chosen so that it is accessible, but not overwhelming, with the vast majority of the bottles less than $40. While this all sounds great, I promise it gets better. Boucherie also happens to be one of the greatest deals you’ll find in town. Great food, great drinks and amazing prices! Which also means that because it is such a great experience, people are lining up around the block to be a part of it. So to ensure you get in, it is best to get a reservation a few days ahead of time. While not always necessary, I promise the phone call is worth every second, even if you’re calling from across the globe.

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8115 Jeanette Street
11-3 and 5:30-9:30

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