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GoNOLA TV Presents: How To Eat Crawfish

Eating crawfish is a big part of New Orleans cuisine. We have tons of delicious New Orleans recipes for crawfish-centered dishes that are family favorites, but the star of the show is definitely boiled crawfish.  From April – June, you can find New Orleanians crowded around their patio tables over a pile of boiled crawfish, eating, drinking and catching up with family and friends. If you’ve never had them before, crawfish can be a tad bit intimidating, but don’t be shy, it’s an easy and fun process that will keep you coming back for more!

Video Transcript 

Fleurty Girl: If you’re visiting New Orleans between the months of April
and June, you’ll have to try one of our delicious crawfish. Now, we’re
going to show you how to do it, but there’s nothing to worry about and
here’s why.

Carol Keltz: Crawfish is definitely not a rush event. It’s a very social
gathering around the watercooler. We spread them across the table.
Everybody takes a section, you grab a beer and you just talk. You talk
about family and how’s your mom and aunt and reminiscing on good times and
thinking about the great times that are coming ahead. And that’s kind of
like what crawfish is. It brings people together.

Fleurty Girl: OK, so here’s how you eat a crawfish. You take one. You got
the head on one hand and the tail on the other and you twist and it pulls
apart. Now, you can either suck the heads or don’t suck the heads. I like
to suck the heads. Get all those juices and flavors. And you take the tail
with two thumbs and you can just separate and break apart. And then you
pinch that tail and pull the flavor full morsel of meat out. That’s it. You
just ate crawfish. So good. During crawfish season, there are many
restaurants like Chartres House Cafe, that serve up crawfish. And
remember, you want to order about 3 to 5 lbs. per person for a full meal.
I’m Fleurty Girl and this wraps up another edition of GoNOLA TV and we’ll
see you next time, darling. Wave bye.

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