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GoNOLA’s Ultimate Guide to Jazz Fest

The all-inclusive GoNOLA Ultimate Guide to Jazz Fest including all the food, music, fashion and after-hours partying surrounding this year’s festival!

Jazz Fest (Photo: Paul Broussard)

GoNOLA's New Orleans Jazz Fest Guide
The time has come. You’ve got your fest gear picked out, your custom schedule ready and your Jazz Fest face on. But not so fast, eager festers. There’s a lot more to Jazz Fest than meets the eye, and we want you to maximize on all the awesomeness, so we’re here to help you do just that. From the food to the music to the after-hours scene and everything in between, we give you GoNOLA’s Ultimate Guide to Jazz Fest, 2012 edition.

The Music

There are 100 some odd musicians playing at Jazz Fest 2012, and we’ve taken on the daunting and hysterical task of covering all of them. Find out what artists you know and love are playing and discover soon-to-be new favorites you’ve never even heard of before.

The Food

With a seemingly endless array of incredible regional food, the likes of which may never be tasted again (unless of course you come back next year), how does one choose where to start? It would take true determination and focus to consume every edible offering at the fest, but we challenge you to come as close as you can. Navigate your way through the jungle of fest food, starting with this map.

The Art

Sure, there’ s plenty of great music and food to be enjoyed at the New Orleans Jazz Fest, but what about the art? That comes in spades, too. Find out where to find some of the best local, African and contemporary art around at the different Jazz Fest marketplaces, and bring some of Jazz Fest home with you!

Jazz Fest Radio

Listen as the GoNOLA Radio hosts go through the framework of the festival: the food, music and art. Lorin Gaudin gives the lowdown on the culinary cornerstones of the fest, George Ingmire talks to local talent John Mooney returning to the stage this year and Mikko speaks with the artist of this year’s iconic poster, Terrance Osbourne.

Jazz Fest TV

Take a virtual trip back to Jazz Fest 2011 with Fleurty Girl as she checks out one of the most unique large-scale cultural celebrations in history. Get a preview of some of the authentic food and music captured in this one exceptional little corner of the world.

Jazz Fest (Photo: Paul Broussard)

Jazz Fest Survival Guide

It sucks being stuck at a fest with no reinforcements, and it’s easy to make rookie mistakes if you’re green to Jazz Fest. New Orleans native and fest veteran Andy Kutcher is on the case with seven rules to live by at Jazz Fest 2012.

Late Night Like a Local

If you are a proud Jazz Fest ticket-holder, then we congratulate and salute you. But, if by whatever stroke of misfortune that you can’t be at the Fest during the day, you can still attend the off-site Jazz Fest that overflows into the night from the beginning of the first weekend through the end of the second weekend. These are the after-hours shows you won’t want to miss. Trust us on this.

Jazz Fest Style

It’s possible to look as good as you feel at Jazz Fest; you just need to know where to go for the best fest threads. Check out some of these local stores that have equally comfortable and stylish clothing.

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