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Holy Cannoli: Angelo Brocato’s Italian Ice Cream and Desserts

214 North Carrollton Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70119-5109

(504) 486-0078

Video Transcript 

Fleurty Girl: We’re here at Angelo Brocato’s, a place that is as rich in
its history as it is in its flavor. It’s been around since 1905, over a
hundred years, and if I had just two words to sum up Angelo Bercatto’s, it
would be” holy canolli.”

Angelo Brocato’s Guest 1: One day at least a hundred myself. If we’re
talking about the entire shop, probably about 700 canollis a day.

Angelo Brocato’s Guest 2: Oh my God. I need a moment.

Fleurty Girl: I’ll wait till you’re finished, then.

Angelo Brocato’s Guest 2: It’s very yummy.

Angelo Brocato’s Guest 1: I have cheesecake. It is very good.

Fleurty Girl: All the recipes at Angelo Brocato’s has been handed down
from generation to generation. They’re true Cicilian recipes. Since we’ve
been here, filming the entire time, there’s been a line out the door here
at Angelo Brocato’s. And the best part is when you come visit here, not
only is it good, but you’re getting a real scoop of true New Orleans. That
wraps up this edition of GoNola TV, and I’m Fleurty Girl. We’ll see you
next time, darling.

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