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Hubig’s Pies: Simon Says Delicious New Orleans Treats

Hubig’s Pies are a uniquely New Orleans treat beloved by generations of New Orleanians and served in some of the finest New Orleans restaurants.

Hubig's Pies New Orleans
Hubigs New Orleans
Hu-Dat? Apple Hubig’s-the secret to the Saints’ sucess.

Some things are New Orleans to the core, even if we can’t claim them originally.  Take for example, Mardi Gras. The same can be said with Hubig’s pies. Hubig’s originally started in Fort Worth, Texas by Master Baker Simon Hubig. Due to the general awesomeness of his pies, Hubig was able to expand throughout the Southeast. Unfortunately, this would all change with the onset of the Great Depression. Due to the rough economic times, all but one of the bakeries were required to shut down. The bakery in New Orleans was able to survive the harsh economic times thanks to pies’ popularity with New Orleanians. Who says gluttony doesn’t pay?  This popularity continued through the years and now appears to be at an all time high.

How does one account for this popularity? Sure they’ve been featured in movies and on TV shows, like Treme. Hubig’s ships almost anywhere, so they’re just a click away for anyone feeling a little homesick or in need of a reminder of their best vacation. And Savory Simon, the Hubig’s mascot, sure looks like he makes delicious pies. But none of that stuff explains why people have Hubig’s tattoos or give out the little pies with custom stamped packaging as wedding favors. However, this can be explained, first and foremost, by pure deliciousness. By itself, a Hubig’s pie is great. A gently warmed Hubig’s pie accompanies with a side of ice cream is sheer heaven! Some of New Orleans’ famed restaurants have acknowledged that you can’t top a Hubig’s and ice cream combo and serve the dish unaltered on their menu. To top it off, this deliciousness comes with great variety. Not only do Hubig’s come in the normal year round varieties, like apple and lemon, but they also have seasonal specials like sweet potato and cherry. The seasonal pies are met with almost as much anticipation as Mardi Gras and Christmas.

Hubig's New Orleans
A half-moon of happiness.

The second reason for Hubig’s steady and continued popularity is nostalgia. These pies are a piece of growing up in New Orleans. Trust me, anyone NOLA native has a favorite flavor. Just ask. Still don’t believe me, try asserting that one of Hubig’s other flavors is best. Don’t forget to stand back before the fireworks fly. Like many natives, some of my earliest and fondest food memories are walking to the superette (the New Orleans version of a mini-supermarket) down the street for a Hubig’s. To think about it, some of my latest food memories are walking down to the supertte down the street to grab a Hubig’s. That kind of history will engender just a bit of loyalty. So next time you need a little NOLA, pick up a Hubig’s and settle in for some deliciousness and a trip back to your childhood. Just make sure it’s Hubig’s best flavor, apple.

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