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New Orleans All The Way Live: Street Food

This week New Orleans All the Way Live explores New Orleans music with the Afro-Cuban Jazz band Otra and food with Barrie Schwartz of My House.

This week on New Orleans All The Way Live, the episode is dedicated to two of New Orleans’ most beloved pieces of artistry– music and the culinary arts. On the music front, we’ll enjoy an hour-long set of Otra, an Afro-Cuban Jazz band from New Orleans. In this powerfully rhythmic and inspiring set, they call out to the French Quarter Fest crowd back in 2008, “Do what feels good. Music is for everyone. Dancing is for everyone.”

As we switch gears from treating our ears to treating our taste buds, we talk with Barrie Schwartz of My House, an organization that focuses on empowering the local culinary community, including the growing food truck scene in the city. We’ll also hear from Rachel Carr Eymard who discusses the transition from a traditional kitchen to Rue Chow, a food truck she shares with her husband. She points out that what makes food trucks special is the connection to their customers and the opportunity to really see them enjoy the hard work and love put into the cuisine, including signature dishes like Rue Chow’s Korean BBQ Chicken Pita.

New Oreans food, new orleans music
Food trucks in New Orleans (left), New Orleans band Otra (right). Photos courtesy of WWOZ.

From the Renaissance of food trucks in New Orleans to dancing to the rhythms of Otra, we discover what truly makes the culture in New Orleans so unique is the experience it brings to each of us.

Listen to this week’s episode of New Orleans All The Way Live.

New Orleans All the Way Live is produced by the New Orleans radio station WWOZ with support from and New Orleans All the Way Live is an internationally syndicated weekly radio show produced by George Ingmire highlighting the unique music, food, festivals, and culture of the Crescent City. Ingmire culls from WWOZ’s vast library of live recordings and connects with musicians from across the city to bring you one-of-a-kind music and musician interviews—from flagship music festivals to living room concerts.

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