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That’s How We Roll: New Orleans Food Truck Scene

Food trucks are fast becoming New Orleans’ new favorite food trend found regularly at local bars and weekly NOLA Food Truck roundups.

The national food truck scene has really taken off in recent years, evident with television shows, festivals and of course, food that tastes way too delicious to be made in a kitchen on wheels – and yet, that’s exactly how it’s done. New Orleans, always prominent on the culinary landscape, has taken to this convenient, guerilla cooking method to feed not just street food – but unbelievably delicious gourmet creations – to eager patrons. There are weekly NOLA Food Truck roundups every Tuesday from 5:00 to 8:30 p.m. in front of the Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center at 1618 O.C. Haley Blvd. Besides incredible bites from a selection of local New Orleans food trucks, each with their own special theme, there are beer, wine and cocktails for purchase. It’s like a fun neighborhood block party surrounded by really killer food.

New Orleans food trucks just can’t sit still! To find out when and where they’re parked, check their Web site or follow them on Twitter!

NOLA Food Trucks@NOLAfoodtrucks
Taceaux Loceaux – @TLNola
La Cocinita@LaCocinita
Crepes a la Cart@crepesalacart
Empanada Intifada@empanadaintifad
Foodie Call – @FoodieCallNOLA
Green To Go@greentogonola
NOLA Snow@nolasnow
Rue Chow – @rue_chow
Geaux Plates – @GeauxPlates
NOLA Girl Food  – @nolagirlfood

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 Video Transcript:

CJ: New Orleans is one of the greatest food cities in the country. When you’re here, in addition to dining at some of our most renowned restaurants, go seek out one of the newest developments in the NOLA food world: food trucks. These kitchens on wheels are cooking up everything from empanadas to gelato to BBQ pork sliders and they’re bringing that deliciousness of New Orleans to the streets. You’ve got to get in on this.
Rachel: New Orleans is known as a culinary city and we love when foodies come here and check out everything New Orleans has to offer as far as our restaurants, and the street food scene is just as lively.
Alex: If it’s late at night and you’re in the right bar, there’ll probably be a food truck out front.
Rachel: We have a website called It’s a really great resource for finding food trucks and food carts, you can find out where they’re at.
Alex: If you want to try out all the different food trucks in town, the best way would be to go to the Roundup.
CJ: You can find out when and where the next Food Truck Roundup takes place at So if you’re looking for tasty gourmet food that’s open late night and won’t break your bank, find yourself a food truck. They’re cooking up New Orleans deliciousness at a curb near you. For GoNOLATV, I’m CJ Hunt and we’ll see you all soon.

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