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The Green Goddess: A Hidden Gem

New Orleans is a truly magical city. I’m not talking about the way of life or culture (that’s a whole other book post), but the city itself. Nothing makes this clearer than turning down a random alley and finding a fantastic restaurant tucked away in an often overlooked alleyway. The Green Goddess is one such place, easily missed if you aren’t seeking it out.

The outside of the Green Goddess
View of the Green Goddess down Exchange Alley

The Green Goddess is nestled in Exchange Place, a tiny pedestrian alley found well off the beaten paths of the French Quarter. However, the location suits this quirky restaurant perfectly; from the funky tables to the incredibly imaginative dishes and unique beverages, nothing here is ordinary. This offbeat eatery is the brain child of two critically acclaimed chefs, Chris DeBarr and Paul Antigues.

The lunch menu gives the best of both lunch and brunch: breakfast, salads, sandwiches and plate lunches. Most dishes are slanted towards the healthy side and every dish I’ve had so far has been light, but filling. Toward this end the Green Goddess boasts a significant number of vegetarian dishes.

The delicious Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund Special

In addition to being health conscious, the folks at the Green Goddess are socially conscious. This fact shows itself most noticeably in the “Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund Special,” with $1 from each serving helping the Louisiana fishing community recovery efforts through the Greater New Orleans Foundation. The Special consists of two crawfish cakes topped with wasabi caviar and sweet pepper sauce, a must have. Of course, it would have been socially irresponsible of me not to get it!

I coupled my lunch special with a Black Art, just one of many (un)usual suspects from the drink list. A dark brown beer that is unexpectedly light and refreshing, but full flavored. Much like the Green Goddess herself.

Refreshing, but with a kick!

However, if you want something refreshing, but with a little less kick, check out the GuS (Grown Up Sodas), fruity and lightly carbonated beverages that are sure to please.

If you can’t make it for lunch, dinner is also an option every Thursday through Sunday. A look at the dinner menu promises more delicious and creative dishes.

In all, a trip to the Green Goddess is a welcome walk off the beaten path, a trip out of the norm. Of course, given the excellent and creative dishes, Exchange Place just may become the French Quarter’s next great thoroughfare.

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The Green Goddess
307 Exchange Place
New Orleans, LA

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