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Tru Burger: A Truly Delicious New Orleans Burger Spot

The New Orleans restaurant scene has a delicious new addition: Tru Burger; Boasting delicious hamburgers, french fries and classic milk shakes, Tru Burger is a new Oak Street staple.

New Orleans's Tru Burger is a great place for a hamburger in New Orleans
Delicious burgers, fries and shakes!

My husband is a burger man.  Big time.  If there is a burger on a menu, he’s probably going to try it.  Enter Tru Burger, Oak Street’s newest addition. When you walk in, you know it’s going to be a fun dinner, with bright colors, retro accessories, and a funky diner style bar.

If you want something other than a burger or dog, go somewhere else.  We were in the mood for burgers, so we started by picking our protein, beef or veggie.  Next up: the toppings.  I went for sautéed mushrooms and bacon, but next time I really want to try the fried farm egg and avocado.  My husband is a purist, so cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and onions finished his burger.  No burger is any good without fries, so we each got an order, but his added chili.  Something about the diner atmosphere made me crave a chocolate shake, and when I saw them making the milkshakes from scratch, I was sold.

Chili Fries from New Orleans burger restaurant Tru Burger
Chili Fries at Tru Burger

After a short wait, our number was called, with two delicious looking burgers and fries. The burgers were juicy and the toppings were fresh. The fries were thin, crispy and had just enough salt to be perfect.  The chocolate milkshake was fab.  It was thick and creamy, with just enough chocolate, think of a much, much better Wendy’s Frosty.  The only thing we weren’t super impressed with was the chili, it had flavor that we couldn’t really place and didn’t particularly like.

Overall, we really, really liked Tru Burger.  It had a good burger and fries, in a cute and funky diner atmosphere.  No liquor license yet, but you can pop over to Oak Bar and pick up a cold one (or two).

Written by Angela Shepard

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