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Bee Sweet and Carry On

New Orleans isn’t just about the beignets and pralines; Bee Sweet Cupcakes serves up delicious sweet treats that are a must for locals and visitors!

I was recently privy to a conversation in which a girl complained to one of my friends about what she referred to as the “cupcake trend,” a relatively new phenomenon that has people flocking to cupcake shops and willing to wait in long lines for something she feels is a common good.  She pointed out that shows like “D.C. Cupcakes” on TLC and “Cupcake Wars” on Food Network only perpetuate this consumer behavior.

I chose to remain silent on this topic for several reasons, the most important being that life is too short for me to waste time trying to fight consumer trends.  In addition, I happen to love cupcakes, and this weekend I came to realize that this girl must have never visited New Orleans’ own Bee Sweet Cupcakes.

New Orleans deserts from Bee Sweet Cupcakes
Perfectly crafted cupcakes!

Let me say this: yes, it’s summer, and as refreshing as they are, there are still days when a sno-ball just doesn’t cut it.  You need more substance, more sweetness, more comfort.  These are the days when you will want to visit Bee Sweet Cupcakes, conveniently located at 5706 Magazine Street, right next to Whole Foods Market and a walkable distance to several clothing/shoe boutiques, coffee/tea shops, and yoga studios.

An old friend visited me this weekend, and I decided to pick up a half-dozen cupcakes as a welcoming treat.  After much deliberation over which varieties to choose, my boyfriend and I each picked three flavors, and I’m embarrassed to report that I ate 2.5 cupcakes that same evening, with no help at all from either my friend or boyfriend.  I highly recommend sampling the “Gimme S’More,” which is a chocolate cupcake with gooey marshmallow and chocolate inside, and dipped in graham cracker crumbs.  Mmm!  My runner-up choice would have to be the “Elvis,” a banana cupcake with peanut butter frosting and marshmallows on top.  (Can ya tell I’m fond of marshmallows?!)

I love that the cupcakes are made from scratch, and the taste is so superior to the mass-produced taste you find with some grocery store cupcakes.  I would argue that, in fact, the “cupcake trend” has led to boutique businesses like Bee Sweet Cupcakes becoming highly specialized and, quite frankly, perfect at their craft. Best of all, you can feel good about buying from them:  all unsold cupcakes are donated to local shelters, hospitals, and charities.

A final word of advice: learn from my mistake and make sure you have enough milk in the house to go along with your dessert(s)!

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