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Borgne: Modern Coastal Louisiana Cuisine in New Orleans

Find delicious Coastal Louisiana cuisine at Chef John Besh’s restaurant, Borgne, in the Central Business District of New Orleans.

Chef John Besh is certainly a celebrity around town, and with restaurants like August, Domenica, Luke and more, it is pretty easy to see why. Critics have raved about each of these restaurants. Borgne, Chef Besh’s venture with Chef Brian Landry, is no exception. Since opening in early 2012, Borgne has received stellar review after stellar review. We have to concur.

john besh new orleans
Chef’s Besh and Landry are the team behind the fabulous Borgne (photo courtesy of Borgne)
Oysters with smoked tomato gelee and caviar (Photo courtesy of Borgne)

Borgne’s menu can probably best be described as “modern Louisiana cuisine.” Inclusion of the word “modern” may have given you visions of dishes the size of an ant and a bill the size of the moon. Fortunately, that isn’t the case at Borgne. A meal at Borgne is sure to be a stomach filling, hunger busting, taste bud pleasing experience. Take for example one of my favorite lunch dishes, the Roast Pork Dip. This massive, yet tasty sandwich leaves me in quite the conundrum at the end of a meal. Do I please my mouth by finishing off my meal or do I make plans to roll out of the restaurant because I’ve stuffed myself silly?

One look at Borgne’s menu and you’ll find all the hallmarks of widely recognized Louisiana cuisine: raw and broiled oysters, duck, catfish, gumbo, shrimp, plenty of cochon (pork), and even grits and grillades. However, on closer inspection, you may notice a few dishes that seem a little out of place – the Ropa Vieja, pork empanadas and sopa ajo. While these dishes don’t quite seem like it, they definitely have their roots in classic Louisiana cooking. During the time that Louisiana was a Spanish territory, a number of colonists were relocated from the Canary Islands to Louisiana (both willingly and unwillingly) and their cuisine has long integrated itself with Louisiana dishes.

Just a slice of Borgne’s impressive (mostly) local beer selection (Photo courtesy of Borgne)

Borgne’s local focus isn’t just found in the kitchen, but also at the bar. While you’ll find all the usual suspects behind the bar, from cheap beers to fancy cocktails, they also feature an impressive selection of local beers, from Abita to NOLA Brewing to Parish Beer, you’ve got a nice selection of local beers to help wash down that fried Del Allemans catfish po-boy. Which is great, because everyone knows that local seafood goes best with local beer. Just need a quick bite to eat? Saddle up to the long bar and pull a bite from their bar menu or dive into a few bites from their amazing happy hour dishes.

Hyatt Hotel
601 Loyola Avenue
Lunch 11-3
Bar Menu 3-6
Dinner 5:30-11

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