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GoNOLA’s Top 5 Restaurants for a Great Burger in New Orleans

Although New Orleans is known for Cajun food, sometimes you just want a burger; GoNOLA gives the top 5 restaurants in town to grab a really great burger.

In a town known for Creole food, gumbo, and crawfish, the burger seems to take a back burner (pun intended). But here’s a quick run down of my favorite places to snag a cheeseburger when I’m in the mood for some traditional, non-traditional to New Orleans, food.

1. Cowbell: When I opened my to-go box from Cowbell, my mouth was watering. I spent the car ride home from the fabulously decorated Riverbend restaurant in agony. Fifteen minutes of pure hell. Let’s just say that someone should make a Cowbell Burger candle so I can burn it around the clock. Natural beef, juicy in all the right ways with french fries to spare, this potato roll burger with agogo sauce is tops in my book. Add a fried egg if you’re feeling feisty!

2. Port of Call: I drive down Esplanade pretty much every day, and every day I see a crowd of people standing outside with the big white go-cups, passing the wait time with a Bloody Mary or Monsoon. These burgers are great of course, and the restaurant is an institution. Ordered with a pound of mushrooms and blue cheese to top, and a loaded baked potato, you won’t need to eat for days afterward.

3. The Avenue Pub: My first Avenue Pub burger was eaten after losing my Superdome virginity. What a day that was. I was exhausted from travel and up too late, and the cheeseburger and Abita beer at Avenue Pub satisfied every craving I’ve ever had. This St. Charles Avenue bar is the answer to any 24 hour question. Fabulous food and a zillion beers on tap.

4. Company Burger: Company Burger has been all the rage since it opened in summer 2011. Their locally sourced, juicy burgers sandwiched between two buttery toasted buns and crisp, fresh toppings are irresistible and will linger in your mind for hours – nay, days – after consumption. Their sides are simple, consisting of four selections which all come very highly recommended.

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