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Mandina’s Restaurant: Family Time New Orleans Style

Mandina’s Restaurant in Mid City New Orleans is the perfect place to sit down with your whole family and enjoy great New Orleans food from there Creole-Italian menu.

Mandina's Restaurant (Photo: Justen Williams)

Mandina’s Restaurant in Mid-City is one of those places that I know I can sit down with my whole family, take longer than necessary to order, and even linger afterward to keep the fun going and not have to worry about getting kicked out. At Mandina’s, everyone is family, and the food is so good and filling that you have to linger afterward just to let it digest.

Mandina’s offers the best of both Italian and Creole cuisines, so tight pants are not recommended for this place. Meatball Po-boy, Trout Meuniere, Shrimp served over Pasta Bordelaise, Breaded Veal Parmesan,  homemade Turtle Soup—don’t say I didn’t warn you. But then again, you are amongst family, so if you unbutton your pants after eating, they’ll understand.

Gumbo from Mandina’s Restaurant (Photo: Justen Williams)

Food, Fun, and Family

I have to admit that whenever my immediate family gets together, usually over dinner, it’s truly a comedic event. My father starts off with his stories of him and my mother before kids came along, and she interrupts him at every turn because he’s telling the stories wrong. And then my brother gets in on it by telling stories of all the mess we got into as kids, and I’m usually interrupting him at every turn because he’s telling the stories wrong.

Granted, we tell the exact same stories each time we get together, and you would think that my dad and brother would get them right after all this time, but no. I think they tell them wrong on purpose. Storytelling turns into impersonations. My brother has my father down to a science–it’s scary. However, impersonation hour usually turns into all of us mocking my mother. We can’t help it. Sorry, Mom.

Needless to say, we crack each other up. I feel sorry for whoever is assigned to wait our table that night because we’re too busy laughing to make decisions in a timely manner. But most of the time, our waiter is laughing at us as well, so I don’t feel so bad. Sometimes they join in on the jokes, and that’s when we know we’re really having a good time.

Sunday Dinner

Mandina’s boasts a special Sunday dinner menu which has their most popular entrees served with a salad and bread pudding automatically.  Now, you can’t tell me that is not just perfect for family time.

For all of my visitors who are coming for Mardi Gras and the festival season (Jazz Fest is going to awesome this year!), Mandina’s is the perfect place for you and your family–immediate, extended, or otherwise—to sit, relax, tell stories, and eat some of the best food in the city.

Mandina’s Restaurant
3800 Canal Street

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