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Mother’s Restaurant: A Po’ Boy Institution

If you’ve ever heard anything about New Orleans cuisine, chances are you’ve heard of a po’ boy sandwich.  And if you’ve heard of a po’ boy, then you’ve heard of Mother’s Restaurant. This NOLA favorite has been delighting visitors and locals alike since the 1930s, serving up expertly-dressed sandwiches, a full breakfast menu, and other regional favorites. Come early to beat the crowd, and get a taste of what New Orleanians have loved for decades!

Mother’s Restaurant
401 Poydras St
7:00am – 10:00pm Mon-Sun
Tel: (504) 523-9656

Video Transcript

Fleurty Girl: With a line like this, you know what they are serving inside
is good. Welcome to Mother’s, it’s a New Orleans institution known for
delicious food, famous Po-boys and the world’s best ham, and the line is
always this long.

Mother’s Speaker: It averages out to about 1,000 a day, we will do 3,000 on
a good weekend. It’s fairly simple, we do good food. I think the etouffee
is special, I think it’s really a well done dish, I think we do a good job
with our fried seafood and the Furty. We cook all our own meat so I think
that makes a big difference.

Mother’s Speaker 2: The Furty is a Po-boy with baked ham, roast beef and
shredded up beef and gravy. It comes dressed with cabbage, pickles, mayo,
yellow mustard and Creole mustard.

Guest 1: My first Johnny G., it’s awesome.

Guest 1: Delicious, go to Mother’s.

Fleurty Girl: For over 70 years, Mother’s has held it’s reign as serving up
the best Po-boy in the Crescent City and in one day, their staff of three
butchers cuts up 1,000 pounds of meat. It’s a sin to miss this place. Well
I’m Fleurty Girl and that wraps up another edition of GoNOLA TV and we’ll
see you next time darling.

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